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The Kitchen Is the Heart of My Home

GE has sponsored this post. All opinions are my own.
The kitchen has always been the heart of my home. It’s where I entertain. Where I create recipes handed down from one generation to the next in my family or create something more spontaneous. It’s where bodies and minds are nourished, and life is lived. It’s where my kiddos come to talk to me and do their homework. The kitchen is the core of all that I love.
I’ve lived in many places, all with different-sized kitchens. Where I live now is an older home. The kitchen is small and separated from the rest of the house. It’s barely room for cooking, but we manage. Here, I see how kitchens were utilitarian—removed from the rest of the home, perhaps to hide the mess. The eating and gathering take place more in the living room.
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My grandmother, the year I graduated high school, remodeled her kitchen. She made it more of a gathering space, which she said was the “mid-west part of her.” I remember standing at her knees as she slaved over a stove and kneaded bread on the countertop. Later I used a crate to stand on so I could watch her make pie crust and fill it with delicious fruits and custards.
My mother encouraged us to join and learn the art of cooking, making us participants in preparing a family or holiday meal.
My own kitchen has never been quiet. It has always been filled with energy, aroma, and texture. It has been my space. The place I feed my soul.
With my own family, I’ve seen the importance and significance that is once done. Lifestyles are busier and schedules more filled. We still make it a family tradition to gather each night and make time for dinner together.
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GE Appliances (renowned for their top-quality kitchen tools, like fridges, microwaves, and dishwashers) considers the kitchen the heart of the home and is tapping into the lives of 6 real-life American families to find out what makes a family in this day and age.
Newer kitchens are so much more in a home. They are often part of the family living space, becoming several spaces. A designated cooking space, a dining area that can hold a table that comfortably sits at least six, and a sitting area where the family can enjoy conversation while cooking, working, or relaxing.
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GE Appliances make the kitchen a practical and beautiful room in the home. It’s also a brand that gives back; recently, GE Appliances Partnered With Steps 2 Hope, Helping Georgia Veteran Make New House Home.
The notions of “home” and “family” have always been hugely influential in American culture. But what does “family “look like in 2015? What does “home” look and feel like to you?
GE has sponsored this post. All opinions are my own.
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