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The Secret to a Clean, Green Coffee Machine Review

I’m a stickler when it comes to my coffee pot. I merely rinse it so that it doesn’t disrupt the seasoning of the pot of coffee. It’s not that I’m particularly a coffee connoisseur, but rather I like the taste of my coffee…not my dish soap.

Organic and fair trade beans are also part of my morning ritual. I tell my husband the coffee tastes better, knowing it was a labor of love more than anything that picked those beans specifically for me. He merely rolls his eyes at me.

The Secret to a Clean, Green Coffee Machine Review

So, what if I shared with you that coffee lovers can clean their pot and keep the whole process “green”? I’ve been using vinegar on the machine (never the pot) and it seemed to be working well…until I tried Full Circle’s coffee machine cleaning products. Whoa! They are outstanding.

Full Circle’s coffee and espresso machine cleaning products, available nationwide at Williams-Sonoma, are high-performing and eco-friendly, formulated from naturally occurring, sustainable and renewable ingredients.

According to the National Coffee Association 2011 report, home consumption of coffee is up, with over 50% of adults drinking coffee and 83% of those reporting they prepare coffee at home.

My Zac deemed himself the coffee guru. He takes great pride in brewing a perfect cup of coffee. He was delighted to bring home a bag of gourmet beans and grind them himself right before brewing. He wanted a coffee press, and when I took him to get one, he forfeited the dream because “they aren’t the real deal”. He is also meticulous with the coffee pot. It was a weekly deal. After reading that coffee maker reservoirs ranked as the fifth germiest item in the home*, I was grateful for his perfection.

Then Zac moved to Miami, Florida. I miss the kiddo. I miss our conversations and his over-the-top eccentricity. I also miss his ritual of making coffee and cleaning the machine.

I “manned up” and cleaned it myself. The vinegar was a pain. The kiddos complained it made the kitchen stink. After cleaning, I also noticed that the top of the coffee had some oily residue that was just gross! And I don’t know how to rinse well because I could taste the bitter vinegar. blech!

I tried the Full Circle Coffee Machine cleaning powder, and hello! EASY! The powder is biodegradable, phosphate-free, and has NO odor. It is quick and easy and left my coffee tasting like perfection again! It took the same time to clean as it did to brew a coffee pot. And we all know that’s worth the wait! This easy cleaner does all the work for you, including descale, and removes oils—and even mold—from the machine; it also helps maintain the burrs and motor inside a grinder. Y’know, so you can do the more serious stuff, like enjoy the perfect cup of joe.

The Full Circle line of eco-friendly odorless coffee and espresso machine cleaning products include:

• Descaling Power and Liquid to break down lime scale and mineral build-up inside the machine

Cleaning Powder to remove oily residue and mold that lead to bitter-tasting coffee and unnecessary machine wear

Cleaning Tablets to effectively remove build-up inside an automatic espresso machine

• Coffee Grinder Cleaning Tablets to maintain the proper function of burrs and the motor inside the grinder

Williams-Sonoma offers customers Full Circle coffee and espresso cleaning products at their retail and e-commerce locations nationwide. Urnex Brands, respected cleaning expert in the commercial specialty coffee market, developed a line of environmentally conscious Full Circle products in 1936.

For more information about Full Circle coffee and espresso equipment-cleaning products, please visit Full Circle Coffee Cleaners on Facebook or  or shop nationwide at Williams-Sonoma retail outlets.

About Full Circle™ 

Urnex Brands, the creator of Full Circle cleaning products, has been responsible for coffee equipment cleaning since 1936. The company’s full portfolio of coffee equipment cleaners is the result of years of innovation in creating products that meet the highest standards for cleaning power while maintaining a commitment to transparency and the use of environmentally safe ingredients.

*May 2011 NSF International study, “Germiest Places in the Home.”

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