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My Friend Paris A Series Unlike Any Children’s Book!

Introducing the captivating and heartwarming “My Friend Paris” book series!

Embark on an enchanting journey through the pages of this delightful series that will captivate readers of all ages. Join Paris, the lovable and adventurous protagonist, as she navigates the ups and downs of life in the charming town of Lavender Grove.

In Book 1, “My Friend Paris: A Blossoming Friendship,” readers will be introduced to Paris, a curious young girl with an infectious spirit and a heart full of dreams. As Paris explores her new surroundings, she encounters unexpected adventures and discovers the true meaning of friendship. With vibrant illustrations and a captivating storyline, this book will leave readers eagerly turning the pages.

Book 2, “My Friend Paris: The Magical Secret,” takes readers on an even more thrilling adventure as Paris stumbles upon a hidden treasure map. Together with her loyal friends, Paris embarks on a quest filled with mystery and wonder. This installment of the series will keep readers on the edge of their seats, eagerly following Paris’ journey and unraveling secrets along the way.

Finally, in Book 3, “My Friend Paris: Dreams Do Come True,” readers witness Paris’ continued growth as she pursues her passions and chases her dreams. With determination, perseverance, and the support of her friends, Paris learns that anything is possible if you believe in yourself. This heartwarming conclusion to the series will leave readers feeling inspired and uplifted.

The “My Friend Paris” book series is perfect for readers of all ages who appreciate the power of friendship, the magic of imagination, and the joy of discovering the world around them. Through its charming characters, relatable themes, and beautifully crafted storytelling, this series will leave an indelible mark on the hearts of its readers.

Don’t miss out on this delightful literary adventure! Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of “My Friend Paris” and experience the joy of friendship, discovery, and dreams. Order your copies today and let Paris’ remarkable journey touch your heart!

Our My Friend Paris Review

For the past few years The Divine Miss M has been in a phase of all things Paris. Thanks to a new book series, we’re taking Paris on in a new way. My Friend Paris book series has become her favorite nightly reading material. This series is written by three different authors, Paris Morris, Liberty Morris and Jenna Conwisar. I love that they have found their calling and haven’t even left the doors of junior high yet!

Paris Morris started the series, My Friend Paris. She is 14 years old and in middle school. Her sister, Liberty, age ten, has since joined her. They are joined by their cousin, Jenna Conwisar. All are typical tween/teens living in San Francisco Bay with their parents and younger twin sisters. There are a total of six books in the series! Quite the accomplishment!

The first book we read, Paris Goes to San Francisco, was written by Liberty Morris (age 10). My husband is from the Bay Area and I am in love with the city. As parents, I wondered if the book would have any “truth” to it. Wow! My doubt was drained instantly as we read the pages of  Paris Goes to San Francisco. This is the fifth book in the My Friend Paris Seires and the second in the travel related books. From the first page, I felt as if we were visiting Paris in her home town and she was showing us around. The typical tourist stops were Coit Tower, Alcatraz and the Ball Park. It was an incredible journey and The Divine Miss M enjoyed it as a reference to talk to her dad about all the places he loves about his hometown.
I love that the books are written by girls who are the same ages of my girls. It’s like having a best friend between the covers of the pages. They are written well and the illustrations are incredibly fun. We love the travel series the best. It’s like meeting a friend and seeing the sights together.
The second book we read was Paris Goes to Lake Tahoe. It is the first book in the travel related series. The Divine Miss M has been there with her cousins during the summer. It was a great reminder of the fun she had and included some places we didn’t get to visit like the South Shore, Truckee, Ski lessons and boating on the lake.
In real life, Paris is a big sister to twins. They were the inspiration for the My Friend Paris original series. There are a total of five books in the “Twin books” series. The names are all awesome, according to my girls.  The books are an honest account of being a big sister and even includes the feelings when twins get extra attention.
The Divine Miss M loves The Twins First Birthday. Of course, The Divine Miss M is about all things party and celebration. My Twins’ First Birthday is the fifth book in the “My Twins” series. It’s a wonderful tribute from an older sister to her twin sister’s first year of life, sharing milestones and I love that it also captures the big sister’s growing during this year.
The final book we reviewed was Paris Goes to Los Angeles. It is the third in the travel series. It goes beyond Los Angeles in terms of what The Divine Miss M was thinking and captures the feel and experience of Southern California. The Divine Miss M was so excited because in the book Paris sees her cousins, and California is where some of The Divine Miss M’s cousins live. This book was fun because it featured Hearst Castle, a place my husband talks often about to the kiddos, Hollywood, San Diego, where their Uncle went to college and the Santa Monica Pier.
The Beauty Queen is also a fan of these books. She read them easily and while she proclaimed them “easy to read” she said, “I like getting to learn about the different places they visit.”
I love that the books share actual places and are written from the same perspective my children might have. The girls have spent plenty of time reading and re-reading the My Friend Paris books.
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