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Feature: Dezert Diamond

Dezert Diamond
Because No Matter How You Where ‘Em
Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend

What girl doesn’t like to look her best? I love the look of a manicure. There’s something clean about it. I love how it transforms my hands and adds elegance to the parts of me that work!

It’s summer and I’m gearing up for a pedicure and manicure. I want to kick it up a notch and sport some lovely sport lengthed nails. Acrylic nails in the past have been bothersome with their ability to absorb my favorite past-time smells, like fishing.

Problem solved! I can enjoy my hobbies (like fishing) and beautiful girly nails thanks to a company based out of Price, Utah–Dezert Diamond.

Dezert Diamond earned it’s name from the family that plays in the desert and the quality of the product. “The product shines like a diamond (or glass) and glass comes from desert sand..a place my family loves to play in!”

Following her lifelong dream, the owner, Les, was inspired to create Dezert Diamond because ” I have always wanted a salon that offered the things I specialized in and being able to produce my own gel nail product line, is just the icing on the cake. It has been a dream of mine since my senior year of high school.”

Les’ talent is “Self taught mostly. I watch others, take classes and create my own vision of what something should look like.”

Dezert Diamond is a gel rather than acrylic opening the door to many possibilities and giving it the edge that sets it apart from others. ” I believe our gel product to be the best on the market today. No acids, MMA’s, or fumes are involved. A very organic product that bonds molecularly to the natural nail which results in a NO LIFTING product with an unbeatable shine that lasts. ”

With experience in nail art, I asked Les what her absolute favorite creation has been. “As crazy as it sounds, an airbrushed desert scene I did on a client’s nails, that encompassed an entire highway, coyotes, large cactus trees, plateau in the background, and sand all around. The kicker is, she worked at “Taco Time” at the drive-thru and brought me a ton of airbrush business after that. ”

Creating is one of Les’ passions. When asks what inspires her to create, ” Hmmm…I would have to say the desire to be different from the rest. I like to think outside the box when it comes to hair, nails, my product, anything. I want it to stand out. It is just a difficult thing to do when you live in a small, conservative town and there is really little demand for that. So I play on the side and let my imagination take over. Clients and customers look at my display work and admire it, but aren’t sure they could pull it off. So we do variations of that style they like. ”

The creating process begins by “looking at fashion mags, industry papers, the outdoors, metals, gemstones, anything that sparkles and go from there. My dream is to be able to use a product on the nails that looks exactly like a diamond plate as it is my theme in my salon. I love the stuff!!”

When Les isn’t doing nails or hair she enjoys “Spending time with my kids and grandkids, cooking, doing photography, rock hunting, camping, hunting, going to the dunes….and on and on…..”

One of the crafts Les doesn’t do, but would love to learn is ” I would love to make my own jewelry with sterling silver. I bead a lot and would love to incorporate that into my regime.”

As a mother, grandmother, and business owner, how does Les find time to create? “I have a day planner for “normal” activities, an appointment book for my “salon” activity, and another book for my “bus driving” activity…I have a second job on top of everything else. I am very lucky to do the two things I love!!”

Les considers her greatest accomplishment in life thus far “My marriage of 32 years in July, my kids and grandkids. How can you top that?”

Ten years from now, Les sees herself, “Hopefully, teaching what I know to others and not working so much. It would be nice to retire then but don’t think it will happen. ”

” I just wish every nail tech out there would give our Dezert Diamond gel nails product a try. You will be so happy not to have those icky acrylic fumes in your salon. I did acrylic for over 20 years, I am a Master with CND (Creative Nail Design) and had two sinus surgeries. I was able to find a chemist that put together a product that does everything I want it to do and I know the world should try it. ”

You can learn more about Dezert Diamond or interact with Les through:

Dezert Diamond’s Website
Edge of Beauty

 Please check them out and give us a try. You will be glad you did!

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