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Wednesday Weigh In

Cheaters NEVER Prosper
My children might be to blame for this week’s weigh-in. We’re not talking about pregnancy, though..THANK HEAVENS–though I’m still carrying baby weight from each of my children. Ahem..some are 20! In my case, it’s all the delicious food my children request me to make for them. I gained weight this week, and the fault lies entirely with my children, not my weak will.
Okay, now that I’ve passed along the blame…
This was a stressful seven days. Drama on the homefront, a new blog design, comments disappearing. Yeah…it’s been enough to make me wanna pack my bags and run away!
To add to this stress, it was Mother’s Day. This translates to CELEBRATION, which translates to the Morrison’s are gonna get their food on!
When I’m stressed, I bake. When I bake and am stressed… I eat.
This week I made chocolate cupcakes. They were requested and I hate to be the “mean Mom”. So I obliged. I made a batch and topped them with my secret buttercream recipe. Oh, mercy! They were BonJovious!
We also grilled. Here I made good choices:  Boca Burger with a Thomas Bagel Thin. It was filling and tasty. Of course, I surrendered to the potato salad and condiments.
Then, on Monday, Jake and Becky came by, and I made my Macho Meat Loaf. I had a man-sized helping (740 calories), then returned for more! I also double-dipped on the Strawberries and Cream Angel Food Cake and homemade bread.
To add insult to injury, has stopped converting my food journal to Weight Watchers points. It’s a travesty as I am inherently lazy and will now need to find some motivation to not only food journal but calculate points.
I also ran out of Click! Espresso, which was curbing my appetite and giving me bocoop energy! I have it back in the cupboard so this week is a go!
So what’s the damage?
The good news is–I know this two pounds comes off…I’ve already taken it off once.
This week, I’m also going to use Measure Up Bowls. I think they’ll simplify the portion control and give me the oomph my lazy butt needs!
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