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Dynatrap FlyLight Insect Trap Review

I received a DynaTrap Flylight in exchange for this review. All opinions and my dislike for flies remain my own.

Every girl needs a hero, and mine right now is the DynaTrap FlyLight.

Since moving to the South, I’ve learned to adapt to the insect noises outside, the creepy crawlers, and that bugs are going to get in my house. I’m still not fond of insects–and I dislike flies.

While I am not fond of them, I find the old fly swatter hazardous and detest chemical-filled contraptions because I love my family more than I dislike the pests.

dynatrap insect traps
Out of the box, it is stylish. It doesn’t look like a bug zapper. It also doesn’t look like some medieval contraption. It’s something that fits in with everything else in my home.
We moved recently, and our battle with insects has been insane. Add to the already crazy insect invasion, and we also have dogs that need to be walked. Walking the dogs means we are going in and out of our home constantly. Opening the door invites mosquitoes and flies inside our home.
Our salvation, the Dynatrap FlyLight Insect Trap.
This technology-driven indoor/outdoor insect trap isn’t afraid to take on the mosquitoes, the biting flies, the moths, the wasps, any of the flying insects.
It’s a superhero that doesn’t rely on chemicals or pesticides to effectively eliminate flying insects.
Its superpower is the AtraktaGlo™ UV technology and CO2 that mimic human beings and maximize predatory insect attraction. Clever, right?
Those superpowers are mighty.
Its sidekick is the StickyTech™ Glue Board that can easily be changed that keeps the insects inside, rather than on your countertop or floor. It’s recommended the glue board be replaced every 30 days for best results.
In addition to no pesticides, the DynTrap is silent, and it covers 600 square feet.
Silent is important because Jeb is our rescue job who jumps at everything. No buzzing or zapping sounds like so many of the other insect traps on the market.
Our DynaTrap is plugged into an outlet in our kitchen. It moonlights as a nightlight. It’s a warm blue glow that illuminates just enough without being too bright to rest.
dynatrap fly trap
I just made Apple Butter in the Instant Pot. Typically, bringing home fruit from the Farmer’s Market leaves me with fruit flies. It was not a concern. I just went about my recipe and never had to swat or wince about a single bug.
The DynaTrap FlyLight Insect trap features two AC outlets and two USB outlets. Each side offers one AC outlet and one USB Outlet.
dynatrap fly side view
I love this feature because it means I’m not giving up a wall outlet by plugging in the DynaTrap. Instead, I’m gaining charging ports–and anyone with kids knows this is important!
We love the DynaTrap Flylight so much we bought a second one to go by the back door.
Dyna-Trap is a well-known company that offers a variety of indoor and outdoor products to help you keep the space to yourself and eliminate uninvited bugs and insects.
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