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7 Diseases Spread by Houseflies

Protect Your Home from Diseases Spread by Houseflies

Houseflies might seem like a mere nuisance, but they pose significant health risks. Understanding the diseases spread by houseflies can help you take the necessary steps to protect your home and loved ones.

Why Houseflies are a Serious Health Threat

Houseflies in your home are more than just a buzzing annoyance; they are legitimate health hazards. These pests can spread several serious diseases, making fly control essential for maintaining a healthy home environment.

Houseflies on food can spread 7 serious diseases: cholera, salmonella, typhoid, and more

Common Diseases Spread by Houseflies

1. Cholera

Cholera, often linked to contaminated food and water, claims tens of thousands of lives annually. Houseflies can transfer cholera bacteria from dirty water to other food sources, spreading the infection.

2. Salmonella

Salmonella, commonly associated with food poisoning, is another disease that houseflies can spread. Flies can transfer salmonella bacteria from improperly cooked or stored meat, poultry, eggs, or dairy to other foods, increasing the risk of infection.

3. Typhoid Fever

While typhoid fever is rare in first-world nations, it’s severe enough to warrant mention. Houseflies can spread the bacteria from contaminated to clean water and food.

Housefly spreading diseases on wooden surface: 7 common health risks from houseflies

4. Dysentery

Dysentery, a type of gastroenteritis, is a global problem caused by unclean water. Flies can spread various bacteria, viruses, or parasitic worms that cause this disease.

5. Anthrax

Anthrax is often associated with bioterrorism but is a naturally occurring disease spread by infected animals. Flies can transfer anthrax spores, contributing to the spread of infection.

6. Leprosy

Leprosy, known for causing severe skin lesions and disfigurements, can be spread by flies transferring bacteria from open sores to new hosts. This is particularly problematic in areas with limited medical care.

7. Tularemia

Tularemia is a lesser-known disease naturally present in the southern United States. Flies can transfer the bacteria from infected hosts, such as rabbits and rodents, to humans.

Housefly on a flower spreading diseases: 7 common health risks from houseflies

How to Eliminate Houseflies

  1. Fly Swatters: Keep fly swatters handy to kill flies as you see them, helping to reduce their population.
  2. Fly Sprays: Use fly sprays for larger infestations, but be cautious of toxic fumes.
  3. Electrical Units: Invest in indoor bug zappers that attract and kill flies, preventing the spread of diseases.

Housefly on a red fly swatter: 7 common diseases spread by houseflies


Call-to-Action: Protect Your Home

Understanding the health risks posed by houseflies is the first step in protecting your family. To keep your home fly-free, consider investing in quality fly control products. Visit Amazon to purchase effective fly control solutions and ensure a safer, healthier home environment.


Being aware of the diseases spread by houseflies and taking proactive measures can significantly protect your family’s health. Don’t wait until it’s too late—take action now to eliminate houseflies and safeguard your home.



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