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Custom Banners for Life’s Smallest Celebrations

singazon custom banner ftc

Today is The Beauty Queen’s birthday She turns 11. It is a time of reflection as we pull out our treasured keepsakes and hang her custom banner. It is the simplest of celebrations and yet holds such importance to my children. A celebration that started in the imagination of a six-year-old nearly three years ago.

abi banner

The story began when I shared with my children the prospect of a banner.

The Divine Miss M was born on New Year’s Eve and loves celebrating all things.

She is the Einstein behind the banner celebrations.

I remember her face as the idea struck, The Divine Miss M’s idea was to create a birthday banner that said, “Happy Birthday, (their name)” then a picture of them now and a picture of them from their first birthday.

To make this an even more priceless banner, The Divine Miss M came up with the idea that on their birthday they would write their name and the date “so we can see how we wrote our name when we were that age!”

Here is Miss M’s first banner:

mackenzie birthday banner


Through the years, the banner has become a tradition and a symbol of our celebrations:

back to school banner


They created one for Back to School–using their First Day of School pictures.

mother's day banner


Forget which kid was supposed to get Mom the card–my kiddos got me a banner that they sign each year with their favorite memories they created with me through the year.

st patrick's day banner


We have one for Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day, Valentine’s Day.

It’s our yard’s signature!

In watching my children grow, so has their ability to see the things a banner can commemorate.

This year, Miss M had the idea to celebrate summer with a banner.

welcome summer banner

Custom Banners are EASY to Create

Signazon makes it so easy, my kiddos are creating the banners.

Easy championship banner maker templates where they can select the style and size they want, upload their picture, add text–more than standard basic fonts make it easy say the experts at Team Fitz Graphics.

The kiddos can change the color of the text and the background.

I let them have at it and am always so excited when the box arrives with the banner for us to unveil.

They are inexpensive and high-quality vinyl banners. Imagination is the only limit. Bring it out year after year for memories and celebrations.

Back to our summer banner.
In February the kiddos saw the Atlantic Ocean for the first time. It was a big event for them.
They chose the first picture we took that morning:
kids at wrightsville beach

From there they added a “note” about the picture…

first time seeing the atlantic ocean

In the other corner, they put the date and place:

wrightsville beach

The plan is at the end of the summer they will write their favorite memory–something new they were able to try–and sign it.

It will be a record of summer vacation well-spent and well-lived!

Custom banners can be used for any occasion.

Signazon offers a variety of banners to make a celebration, sale, or moment to remember.

Signazon also prints custom car magnets, yard signs, and a-frame signs.

Their site is easy to navigate and personalization is so easy a seven and nine year old can do it!

The best part is the colors are vivid and the quality excellent, making it a banner you’ll pull out to use time and time again!

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