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Create Healthy Children the ZisBoomBah Way

ZisBoomBah Go Ahead, Play with Your Food!

There is a new start-up company in Boulder, Colorado called Zisboombah whose purpose is to provide children with a free and fun online tool to help teach them about food as well as empower them to make healthier choices.

With childhood obesity on the rise, Zisboombah thought the kids needed a tool to help them battle this disease.  is an innovative website that challenges conventional wisdom and develops tools to empower children and inspire parents to live a fun, active, and healthy life.

ZisBoomBah’s online tool “Pick Chow!” allows children to create meals by dragging and dropping foods onto their virtual plate.

The “Add it Up!” meters show the nutritional values in a fun and easy way and rate each meal with one to five stars.

At a glance, children learn quickly how their choices make a difference in creating a well-balanced meal.

Children can send their “chow” to their parents, who then receive an email with what their child has chosen to be a healthy choice for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, along with the menu, recipe, shopping list, and coupons.

ZisBoomBah is getting a lot of media attention lately as well.

There’s a partnership with Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move Campaign, ZisBoomBah is listed under her “healthy apps for kids”.

While ZisBoombah is getting media in Colorado

The name ZisBoomBah is also receiving publicity in parenting magazines and newsletters in cities all over the US.

In August ZisBoomBah will be featured in Bon Appetite! Rachel Ray’s website recognizes the ZisBoomBah movement, and currently, this interactive website, centered on healthy children is up for a 50k grant from Pepsi and a 250k grant from the Obama Let’s Move Campaign.

So….ZisBoomBah is getting pretty big!

I think for the true benefit they bring to children, families, and especially moms, people are really starting to catch on to the site!

This website is completely free and is a really fun way to bring the family together while helping to fight childhood obesity!

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This is a guest post by Brianna Pairisi, an intern at the University of Colorado in Boulder.

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