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Confessions of a Celebrity Mom


After confessing to a girlfriend about a 3 a.m. vomiting incident her six-year-old son had that she left on the carpet all night, she felt some much-needed relief.

Confessing felt good, and it opened up an exchange with her friend, who told her own mommy tales.

This prompted Romi to start what is now known as

Before embarking on the website venture, Romi was the founding editor for the lifestyles section of The Huffington Post and a contributing editor to several parenting magazines.

She also appears regularly with JuJu Chang on “Moms Get Real” and recently appeared on Rachael Ray.

We put celebrities on a pedestal.

We think they have it made.

As parents, they couldn’t possibly have embarrassing stories or have done anything silly or wrong.

But that’s not what celebrity moms are telling

On the contrary, just like any mom, they have their own parenting quirks and secret stories that they are confessing to the thousands of women who regularly visit

Check out some of these confessions from some of Hollywood’s moms:

“One of my favorite shows was Monk. Mainly because I’m a touch obsessive-compulsive. However, I admit that after having my son I am now thrilled when he has a great burp, jumps for joy when he poops on a regular basis, and hardly notices the dried spit up that covers my favorite sweat jacket. Such are the joys of motherhood, and I love it!” – Olympic Gymnast Shannon Miller.

“Now that my daughter’s a little older (2-1/2), I’m no longer so germ-phobic. I no longer feel like I need to clean off everything that falls on the ground before she sticks it back in her mouth. A few germs are good for kids!” – Actress and host of Spotlight to Nightlight, Ali Landry.

“Once I used the carpool lane when I was driving alone. And I pretended to be putting the pacifier back into the imaginary baby in the car seat to ‘sell’ it.”- Actress, Comedian and Jenny Craig Spokesperson Nicole Sullivan

“One of the scariest things about both my pregnancies has been the enormous size of my buns; truly scary for a woman whose career has me living in a bikini! Because of this alarming happening, almost every single workout I do focuses on toning & shrinking (hopefully) my glutes.” – Olympic Athlete Kerri Walsh.

“I’m 32, single, and want a soccer team of kids. I’m worried that it’s not going to happen.” – Star of the Real Housewives of Orange County Gretchen Rossi

“It was the first time I took my daughter, Lailaa, out to eat at a restaurant. She was super small, maybe 3 weeks old. Her and I were just getting the hang of nursing and I decided against going to the bathroom and instead decided to stay at the table to feed her. I did not want my food to get cold! So, I pulled out my nursing shawl and gave it a go. Lailaa started eating perfectly and when it came time to switch sides, I did so. Little did I know I flashed the poor elderly couple sitting next to our table! The woman never made eye contact with me the rest of the dinner, but the older gentleman gave me a huge grin and wink on the way out of the restaurant! HOW EMBARRASSING!” – WNBA Star Candace Parker

“After years of sleep deprivation, my memory (which was most efficient at memorizing lines than things happening in my life) was a goner! I used to hate not remembering people’s names or events or general information. Now, I have the best excuse! I’m a mom with two kids. I have Mamamesia!! No longer embarrassed!” – Actress Ming Na is the online “confessional” women are turning to, to share their deepest secrets about one-night stands, rendezvous’ with the guy you thought was perfect and embarrassing stories with your guy.

The best part is it’s totally anonymous.

No one knows who you are and no one judges.

Everyone’s BFF’s at

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This is a guest post by Romi Lassally,  the mastermind behind

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