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The Culture or Country of Origin Paper Doll Project

Cultural Fair

As the school year winds its way to an end, one last Hoo-Rah will be taking place.

The school’s Cultural Fair. A plain paper doll came home with the assignment being to decorate the paper doll to represent your family’s culture or Country of origin.

I take great pride in my pedigree.

I’ve done genealogy for more than 25 years.

I can boast the roots of my pedigree on five lines going back to Thor and Odin or Adam and Eve, depending on your religious preference.

I share my family’s heritage with my siblings, grandparents, cousins, and anyone who happens to mention genealogy.

So my Kindergartner and I sat down to decorate her paper doll.

As we stared at the plain white paper with the gingerbread man outline we talked about where our family once lived: Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Holland, Germany the list went on and on.

We talked about specific people and I shared some of their stories with her.

It was quite an afternoon of bonding.

Then, as only the wisdom of a child can convey came simplicity.

With her brows furrowed and an exaggerated hand gesture, she said, “Huh? I thought we were American.”

And there it was….the theme of our paper doll.

We gathered patriotic fabric and found a scrap with Raggedy Ann’s face and created our masterpiece.

cultural doll


Here is the Divine Miss M with her completed Paper Doll.

cultural doll



The Divine Miss M is certain hers is the most beautiful one!

Then she had to write about her doll and her Culture or Country of Origin.

Her paragraph is sure to be a show-stopper:

I am Scotch, Irish, English, Welsh, Dutch and more. When my relatives fought in the Revolutionary War we simply became AMERICAN!



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