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Considerate Comfort – 7 Ways to Lower Your Environmental Impact Without Giving Up Your Lifestyle

Being eco-friendly is all the rage these days. We’ve had our hottest years on record, which has made the looming fear of climate change all the more pressing. So, as the mercury rises throughout the summer months, many of us begin to think about what we can do to lower our personal carbon footprint.

Considerate Comfort - 7 Ways to Lower Your Environmental Impact Without Giving Up Your Lifestyle

With that said, something that stops many people from taking positive action is they fear giving up aspects of their lifestyle. Newsflash! You don’t have to become a spirulina-munching, essential oil-sprinkling hippie to lower your environmental impact. Let’s take a look at seven ways you can change the world and lower your own emissions.

Invest in Energy Efficient Appliances 

Did you know that running your household appliances is probably your greatest source of carbon emissions? Air conditioning, heating, washers, dryers, and dishwashers all churn through a good deal of power – and water for some as well! Considering investing in energy efficient heaters, air conditioners, and other appliances. Check for the energy star rating when shopping for new appliances, or upgrading your existing ones.


A good deal of greenhouse gases come from decomposing food that is dumped into the landfill along with plastics and household refuse. By starting a home composting system, you turn your food scraps into compost that can be used in your garden! If you don’t have a garden, don’t stress – there are organizations and companies out there that are dying to take your compost off your hands.

Use Appliances Sparingly 

This tip is particularly pertinent when it comes to your air conditioner. It can be tempting to blast it all night and day when the temperature gets up there, but it’s much more eco-friendly to only keep it on for as long as it takes to cool your home down. Then switch it off again until it warms up. Repeat as needed.

Invest in Ceiling Fans 

While we’re on the topic of keeping your space cool, ceiling fans are a great, energy-efficient way to keep nice cool air circulating through your home. It may cost a bit at first to install them in all your living spaces and bedrooms, but you’ll save heaps of money on power bills once they’re up and running.


Next, to your home, your vehicle is probably the second-most source of your own personal carbon footprint. So many of us drive a five-seater car to and from work, with only ourselves in the driver’s seat. Touch base with your team at work and see how lives nearby or on the way to work, and offer to carpool. Take it in turns, so everyone’s car gets an equal workout.

Double-glazed Windows 

Did you know that many homes lose cool air in summer and warm air in winter through the windows? While you can counter this with thick curtains or blinds, a better way is to spend a bit of money and double-glaze your windows. This provides excellent insulation and ensures that you’re not spending a fortune on heating and cooling as well as making your home greener.

Solar Panels 

Another way to make your home a lean, green, money-saving machine is to put some solar panels on your roof. Sure, this is expensive to do, but think ahead to the thousands of dollars each year you’ll save on energy bills. Solar is also a renewable source of energy, which if we’re honest, is the only way forward for the future.

To Wrap it All Up 

There you are. There are lots of ways you can reduce your environmental impact without sacrificing your lifestyle. First, invest in some energy efficient appliances and install a compost system in your kitchen. Next, put in some ceiling fans and consider carpooling to work. Then double-glaze your windows and finally install some solar panels. Your wallet, and Mother Earth will thank you!

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