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Comfy Calming Beds for Pet Dogs

Your furry friend can have feelings of strain and pressure, stress too. Your dog is prone to anxiety when left alone in the house, during thunderstorms, interacting with new visitors, or changing routine behavior. Since you understand how stress makes one feel, you would undoubtedly love to ease your pet’s tension. Relieving anxiety in dogs is a long process that requires positive training, patience, and tools, including calming dog beds. Signs of canine anxiety and stress come subtly and are often mistaken for usual antics; hence, it is equally essential to pay attention to your pet’s behavior.

Cute dog sleeping in bed with a fluffy toy bear. Staffordshire terrier puppy resting in clean white bedroom at home

What are calming beds?

Unlike the usual pet beds, calming beds are specially designed to reduce stress in pets and work best when combined with positive training and other medications. Pets that show mild odd signs, including burrowing, endless whining, and shivering, are signs of stress, and a calming bed would help alleviate such.

The beds come in different shapes, colors, and sizes to fit your pet. The bed’s features offer hiding places and burrowing; some even have self-healing properties for warmth.

Benefits of a calming bed

Premium comfort

The bed will provide warmth to your dog and prevent calluses. For pets with arthritic joints, the bed will help support the issue. Some beds have a self-warming feature that allows your pups and pets to stay cozy even in chilly weather.

Mark territory

Dogs are territorial animals, and naturally, they will be drawn to the place to relax and take a nap. A comfy dog bed perfectly tailored for your dog will enhance comfort and give them a particular spot in the home.

Easy cleaning

Keeping a dog bed clean can sometimes be stressful due to their playful nature. The occasional shedding and rolling in the mud will not be an easy feat. The dog beds come with removable and washable covers for easy cleaning. Cleaning also helps control fleas and mites infestation.

More space

The playful pups and pets will have space, unlike in a human bed or a couch.

If you are allergic to pet dander (, it is best if the dog has a bed for itself.

Reduces stress when traveling

Comfy dog beds are easily portable; you can take them with you when traveling.

This ensures the dog doesn’t suffer from anxiety when visiting new places as it will be sleeping in somewhere familiar.

A place to call their own

The dog bed shouldn’t be a confinement place or punishment. The dog should be able to relax in the crate without feeling anxious or trapped. With a comfy bed, the crate should be a place to feel calm and de-stress when taking a nap.

Factors to look for in a comfy bed

Before walking into your favorite pet store or ordering online at sites such as, the following factors should be considered:

A good fit

Besides finding something that fits your budget, your dog should do it in bed.

The bed should be large enough but not too large to lose its cocooning effect.

The heads and limbs should not be hanging off the edge of flatbeds.

Easy washability

Dogs will play, eat, scratch fleas, and urinate on the beds. Having a bed that can be machine washed will be a huge blessing.

More so, the inside covers will matter a lot as they will need regular changing.

More so, non-machine washable covers can be supplemented with machine-washable blankets.


Beds with a waterproof lining tend to provide a dry and comfortable place for the dogs to rest.

A damp sleeping place predisposes the dog to diseases.

Your pet, sleeping in a comfortable dry bed, helps in boosting the immune system.


The bed should be put in a safe place where the pet will feel secure and free from tripping accidents.

Chewing stuff in the bed, such as ribbons and buttons, may lead to emergency surgeries and complications.

Chew-proof beds are highly recommended.

Odor resistant

Be on the lookout for antibacterial covers as they tend to be resistant to odors.

Faux bed covers provide a fuzzy feeling leading to a more calm experience for the pet when napping. 


A lack of comfortable sleep can lead to physical and mental health problems for your dog.

Helping your pet have a good night’s rest can help lower anxiety and depression levels in pets.

The raised rims in the calming beds provide a sense of security, allowing your fur kids to relax more easily and sleep more soundly.

The super-soft bed offers muscle and joint relief for the bigger pets. Incorporation of the principles promotes a happier and healthier life for your pet.

However, to eliminate anxieties in your canine, behavioral modification training and medication should be enrolled for maximum results.

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