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French Cooking Secrets

Do you want to prepare your cuisine? Well, you have to learn from the gurus.

The French are not known for being one of the friendliest countries, but they can surely cook! Their cuisine is famous, super healthy, and steeped in history such that UNESCO acknowledges their world heritage status.

So, what is the secret to their success?

French chef putting France flag on a dish.

1. Eat as natural and as fresh as possible

France is obsessed with using fresh, natural ingredients. That is due to their rich agricultural history. Interestingly, the idea of microwave-dishes and ready-made, processed foods has never caught on. People take pride in making their food from scratch regardless of how busy they are.

A weekly trip to the local vegetable and fruit market is almost a sacred tradition to the older generation. Most go for market produce rather than from grocery store or supermarket. By buying organic and the freshest food you can afford, be sure that everything you are putting in your body is healthy.

2. Local and seasonal is always the best

French eating is dependent on season, and the establishment of their traditions is around the availability of certain kinds of food at specific periods of the year. But this isn’t just for the sake of old habits; it saves money.

Moreover, buying produce in season when they are abundant and cheap, can save you a lot on your grocery shopping. Better still, buying from the locals is also cost-effective. It’s good for the environment and a great way to support local industry and agriculture.

3. Let your ingredients be your seasoning

French recipes do not often require a lot of salt or seasoning. They instinctively know the specific ingredients to mix for complementary flavors. For instance, seafood with lemon, potatoes with hard cheese, and much more!

To rely on your ingredients to flavor your meals, you must first learn how best to prepare them to retain as much flavor and taste as possible. The French are big fans of grilling, braising, and steaming. These are all healthy and fat-free to cook delicious French meals.

4. Fat is your friend

A legit French recipe will hardly require you to cook food using olive or other healthy oils, suggests The French value their butter and don’t cut back on the cream of fat milk or cream either. They fry most of the side dishes using thin strips of bacon fat.

Amazingly, they have some of the lowest cholesterol and heart disease cases in Europe. How is that possible? Organic, fresh dairy and fat products are healthy, provided you take them in moderation. Do not overheat for more extended periods, and use not more than three times a week. 

5. Utilize most of your produce

While the Native Americans consumed every part of the buffalo, the French uses every aspect of the carrot. There’s always a way in which French recipes find a use for every part of the food, especially the parts we often throw away.

For seasoning and flavor or as ingredients in a different way, like carrot leaf soup, the French don’t waste food. That saves them time and money.

6. Every meal is a celebration

The French people, from childhood, are taught that food is an enjoyable and integral part of life. So, they develop healthier food habits as they grow up.

Furthermore, in French, at noon, most businesses are shut down for lunch. That is because every meal is a celebration for them. You’ll never see a French person eating in a hurry. Besides, they take their time to enjoy every part of their meal together with a drink of choice.

7. Everything in moderation

In France, they do not believe in deprivation. You can be surprised with how they manage some food intolerance and allergies, says WebMD. They enjoy their treats like cheese after a meal, cakes, tarts, and desserts, and they tend to stay thin.

How do they do it?

It’s simple. There’s moderation in everything. The French eat dessert after a healthy meal, wake up to a croissant for breakfast, but will not eat anything till lunch. This way, you can avoid overindulging in unhealthy treats and focus on eating things that improve your health.


The rest of the world envies French cuisine. But now you know several secrets. You, too, can prepare and enjoy delicious and healthy food in French fashion in your kitchen, and you can therefore make healthier choices.

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