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How to Choose the Best Cat Food

Wondering how to choose the best cat food for your cat? 

Cat food is of extra importance when it comes to caring for your pet.

Pets will grow healthier by eating quality food.

Selecting the right formula is a typical issue for pet owners.

Manufacturers produce special recipes for kittens, adult, and elderly cats, for animals of certain breeds, or for having health problems.

Food is produced with different tastes: duck, rabbit, tuna, or seafood.

Sure, we could pick brands recommended by trustworthy blogs like, for example, Nourish, Soulistic, or 4health.

However, let’s figure out what kind of food your cat needs, from kitten and adult to special cat food for shedding. We talk about how to choose the best cat food.

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How to Choose the Best Cat Food

Which Cat Food is Better: Dry or Wet Food?

Both dry and wet feeds have their advantages and disadvantages.

Dry food is convenient to store.

It can be put into a sealed package and take a small portion needed for one meal each time.

Wet foods are usually packaged in jars without an airtight lid, so they should be stored in the fridge.

If the cat doesn’t eat the can of wet food after a few days, it may deteriorate, and it is better to throw it away.

After dry food, rinse your cat bowl with water.

To wash the bowl of wet food, it will have to be soaked for several hours.

Dry food contributes to the mechanical cleaning of the animal’s teeth.

But the calorie content in wet foods is four times less than in dry foods.

In addition, they accelerate the removal of salts from the cat’s body as they are saturated with moisture.

Veterinarians recommend combining dry and wet foods in your cat’s diet, just like having a healthy and balanced combination of cooked and raw food.

Raw cat food in the UK, in particular, can be of good quality and health benefits for your cat.

This will satisfy the animal’s need for a varied diet. It is better not to mix the feed in one bowl but to give it in turn.

For example, you can give dry food in the morning, wet for lunch, dry in the evening, and wet again at night.

At the same time, it is important to use the feed of one manufacturer and observe the dosage so that the animal doesn’t overeat.

There is also grain-free food.

It contains exclusively animal products (meat, poultry, fish, offal, bone meal) and vegetables.

The product is recommended for animals to reduce the level of gluten consumed.

Also, some pets can suffer from food allergies, and an unusual version of food with the grain can harm them.

orange tabby cat eating wet cat food

How to choose food for a cat’s age?

You can find food for kittens under two months, up to six months, and up to a year.

Feed is made only as a paste for the smallest kittens.

The teeth of kittens aren’t yet strong and can not gnaw dry food.

Dry granules can be added to a kitten’s diet from the age of three months, but at first, it is better to soak them in warm water.

There are foods with different calories for grown cats.

You can find feed for active animals that less mobile.

According to ColoState, foods for elderly cats consider older animals’ needs; they can help when the pet refuses to accept the usual food.

white cat with black stripes eating best cat food for its age

What is the difference between the cat foods of various classes?

The most budget cat food belongs to the economy class.

It is made mainly of offal.

Veterinarians recommend not making a cat’s main diet from this class’s food.

Their composition is not always balanced; the animal’s body may lack important elements.

In premium food, it is not only offal added, but also real meat.

This food is more expensive, but it considers all the features of the cat’s nutrition and contains additional trace elements that help it grow healthy and active.

Super-premium foods contain only natural ingredients.

They fully satisfy the animal’s needs with a varied and nutritious diet.

Holistic-class foods are designed for animals that participate in exhibitions.

Another type of food is organic; they are made from free-range animal meat.

This article was written to help you understand some of the nuances of choosing cat food.

Why do you need treats for cats?

They will help diversify your cat’s diet.

They can be encouraged during training or to please the pet.

Treats are available in the form of sausages, pastes, and cookies.

They are with taste of not only fish and meat but also cheese or catnip.

There are special treats for kittens and sterilized cats.

Some options will help the cat clean its teeth, while others will eliminate the lumps of swallowed cat hair.

Vitaminized treats and supplements can cause allergies, so they are best given after consultation with a veterinarian.

In a word:

A properly selected diet guarantees your pet will be healthy and active.

However, choosing food isn’t so simple due to the variety of different foods on the market.

This article was written to help you understand the nuances of choosing cat food.

I hope this information was useful for you on how to choose the best cat food for your pet.

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