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CBD Oil for Exotic Pets Pondering the Potential Benefits

Enhance your exotic pets’ health with CBD oil—a natural boost for their well-being. Discover the benefits of CBD oil for exotic pets.

Cannabidiol or CBD is becoming a pretty common term among the population in terms of a safe, natural alternative or supplement to pharmaceutical treatment for varying ailments. 

Studies conducted and research done boast results indicating properties helpful in potentially relieving symptoms associated with a variety of ailments for people and, more recently, their pets.

The reason it works so well is that the compound interacts with the endocannabinoid system ensuring optimal balance.

With all mammals having an Endocannabinoid System, people and their furry companions roughly benefit in similar ways from the use of the products.

But how does this carry over to more exotic creatures living in the zoos or the migratory animals, fish, and some reptiles?

While the ECS may vary somewhat from species to species, it spreads throughout the animal kingdom having the basic staple for which it initially evolved.

It is found in all vertebrates or animals with a spinal column and offers three vital elements.:

The surface of the cells possesses the cannabinoid receptors.

The cannabinoid receptors begin through molecules known as the endocannabinoid.

The endocannabinoids break down by the metabolic enzymes when used.

There is still a lot of research that needs completing, but the claim is that back in the year 2018, CBD trials began on animals such as tigers, goats, as well as glaucoma in monkeys.

After studies on monkeys with glaucoma were completed, the monkeys with the condition were relieved of pressure in their eyes.

More needs to happen, but anecdotal success is there.

For the ultimate guide on CBD for animals, follow the CBD for animals ultimate guide.

CBD Oil And The Animals That It Helps

The claim is that almost every animal except for an insect has an endocannabinoid system.

This system was so named after the cannabis plant by researchers who only learned of this part of the brain due to the discovery of CBD.

If your animal has this system, the oil will likely offer properties that will help them.

The potential for exotic animal health is very experimental at this stage, with no studies on reptiles or other types of exotics to speak of, only anecdotal information.

But those outcomes have been of great success.

Reptiles are vastly different from mammals making it challenging to determine when they have an issue where they could benefit from the compound.

There’s no change in their behavior or emotion on their face, but they do fall victim to many of the same types of conditions that we do, and often more so.

They generally live in a small enclosure with few places to be alone, causing them to develop anxiety.

They will likely develop inflammation or pain if they become wounded or get sick.

There have been instances where CBD oil has been successful in treating a grapefruit-sized tumor in Apollo, the albino boa constrictor shares Canna Tech Today, as well as for generalized anxiety disorders.

It’s just a matter of the pet parent recognizing the symptoms to know that the pet needs treating.

albino boa constrictor,

Pondering the Potential Benefits of CBD Oil for Exotic Pets

How To Know How Much CBD To Give Your Exotic

There is a vast array of products on the market for pets and animals (look what I found).

If you believe CBD is the right treatment for your exotic, contact your vet.

However, the suggested starting dose will always be the very smallest based on size, species, and condition.

Ideally, begin at 0.1 mg per the amount of body weight for each day for reptiles.

You should keep that dose for a week before you bump the dose up.

If there is no improvement or you don’t see the desired effect, then you should increase the amount from that point. 

For other exotic animals, you should begin at 0.25 mg for the pound of body weight.

Reptiles are much more delicate, meaning they need much less, and you should be more cautious.

The suggestion is to always consult with a vet before administering any type of treatment or supplement into the animal’s regimen.

The vet may have medical recommendations or assist you in screening for issues that disallow the use of CBD. 

green iguana

Final Thought

Regardless of what type of animal you have to take care of, whether it be a furry companion pet, an exotic beauty, or a cold reptilian, you need to ensure that they always feel their best.

The primary step is to have a vet on duty to make sure the animal does not have any underlying medical condition causing any sort of symptoms.

From that point, you can move forward to the treatment stage.

Ultimately, it’s about providing safety and security for any living creature, big or small, winged or finned, scaled, or reptilian.

They’re all extraordinarily in need of love and care.

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