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Coupon Cactus Review

Coupons and Cash Back Shopping


There was a time in my life when the reality was full price for everything I purchased.

Over the years as my family has grown, what started out as a necessity, quickly became an obsession.

I coupon shop!

My husband shakes his head and jokes, “Remember when you thought ten or twenty percent off something was a deal?”

It’s sad but true.

As my family grew, so has technology.

I find myself shopping at retailers and spending a lot of time online shopping…it’s convenient. It is a coupon site that offers stunning 3,700 stores with codes and discounts to help you pocket more than pennies while shopping online.

Add to this a cashback option and suddenly, you can see and hear the cha-ching of savings!

Many have referred me to sites that offered savings.
Still, I’ve all too soon discovered, after searching for an item and getting it in my cart, that the code provided through the site has expired or vacated the site once I realized there wasn’t any interest in shopping the storefronts offered.

My time is valuable, just like yours.  

Coupon Cactus recognizes our worth.

They have an extensive selection of retail stores…we’re talking Wal-mart, Target, The Children’s Place, Hewlett Packard, and even online stores like, Netflix, and

There are also stores I will probably never shop, but this is the design of human nature. Options!

Unlike some coupons/discount sites, doesn’t charge a membership fee.
You can search the site, use codes, and there’s no cost involved.
If you’re interested in getting cash back, you will need to sign up, at no cost, and it’s easy peasy and took just a moment of my time.

One of my favorite features is that lists the expiration date of all coupons!

There’s no surprise ending to your purchase.

To make it even more simple, the site is designed to shop by store or by category, and there are user-friendly tabs that give options for new coupons, those that are soon to expire, the biggest savings, and for those of us who don’t want to miss out, “Most Popular.”

It’s easy to locate codes for free shipping, clearance and sale items, and the Coupon Cactus Exclusives.

I love that you can simply click on the coupon, and most of the time, there is no entering a code to receive the “deal.”

It doesn’t get much simpler than this!

To make using a code or coupon even more beneficial,

Coupon Cactus has a cashback reward program.

As I mentioned previously, there is no cost for this.

They pay quarterly (about every three months).

You can choose to be paid by check or through PayPal.

While the minimum reward for payout is $10, if you don’t meet the amount, it simply rolls over to the next quarter.

In other words, this is NOT a use-it-or-lose-it program.

That’s something I can appreciate!

A word of caution, in most instances, you cannot “stack” coupons (use multiple discounts for a single purchase).

This may void the codes.

It’s a better route to make multiple purchases if you can’t pass up a coupon!

The typical rules apply as far as you cannot use discounts towards purchasing gift cards to pay taxes, and it should be mentioned that taxes do NOT count towards the cashback reward.

I recommend the Coupon Cactus referral program if you have a large network.
There are a couple of choices available here…send an email to your friends and family, or you can add a link embedded with your referral code to your signature around the world wide web.
For each person who signs up through your link or email, you receive a bonus of all cashback earned by the people you refer for life!
I found the site easy to navigate and filled with plenty of options. I love the simplicity of clicking on a coupon to activate–though some still require the cut-and-paste technology. has a powerhouse of retailers I use, making it a one-stop resource for online shopping at my house. 

Coupon Cactus has identified all of the faults and negatives associated with most of the other coupon sites out here and solved them.

All the coupon links that they had listed that I checked were not expired, and I checked on quite a few, and they have some great stores associated with their site.

There was no pressure to sign up to use the site, but I jumped into it and found it was simple and painless to register.

The cashback program is enticing, and I love that it rolls over my rewards if I don’t meet the minimum.

Coupon Cactus is a breath of fresh savings compared to other coupon sites I have used.

The expiration dates are a nice touch that saves time and eliminates frustration.

When a site is this easy and filled with such great stores and simple-to-use codes, there truly is no reason to ever pay full price again.

Check our CouponCactus and let me know what you think!

I was compensated for this post. The opinions are my own and were in no way influenced by the sponsor. Others experience may vary.
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