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Celebrating Fall

Fall Foliage and Family..It’s the Good Stuff

Our weekends tend to be a time of chaos when it comes to schedules. Every once in awhile, we throw caution to the wind and take some “family time” to find an adventure. Over the weekend, we realized Fall was exploding and we wanted to be part of it!

Truly the perfect day!

The children are always game for an adventure and so, without effort, they seated themselves in the Chevy Traverse. It cracks me up when we travel in C.I.T. my children all want to sit in the very back! Don’t get me wrong, I love it. There is plenty of room and it makes traveling very peaceful.

We opted not to use OnStar or any GPS Navigation. We wanted to just enjoy what the road had to offer…destination unknown. We drove down to Springville, where we stopped at Ream’s to fill a cooler with all the makings of an afternoon picnic.

Fairview Canyon

Then it was to Mount Pleasant and into Fairview Canyon. We passed giant windmills that were rotating gracefully as we entered Spanish Fork Canyon. The children stopped their conversation to marvel at these giant energy generators.

As we left the city behind and entered farmlands and sparsely populated towns, the names didn’t matter, everything was reds, oranges and yellow. I’ve never been to New England, though they rave about their fall foilage, however, this weekend, this trip I dare say Fairview Canyon was a great alternative to the better known and far more populated New England hype!

The canyon intersects with several small towns and has scenic overlooks that made the magic of fall just explode. It was the perfect day and I’m sure now the colors have faded and while it’s still the season, the moment of magic has passed.

Our day was submerged in Nature’s splendor. Her vibrant hues of golden yellow splattered with ravaging reds and popping with orange led us up a dirt road that opened up into the perfect haven of color. We opened the back of the Traverse and set up a buffet of deliciousness on hay bails. The children came and went as they pleased and it was a gathering spot for conversation and comfort.

We went on short hikes through fields of Aspen, played hide and seek and my husband and son brought out the monkey lurking in them climbing a tree.

The Chevy Traverse was a
Centralized Gathering Spo

At one point the kiddos wanted to dance in the open area. There was no radio station but we were able to find The Jonas Brothers on XM Radio. Silence was momentarily disrupted by shrill screams of my girls rejoicing that the Jonas Brothers had arrived.

On the way out, the sun roof of the Chevy Traverse provided the perfect view of hawks flying above the tree line. It was a spectacular moment to witness nature around and above us while traveling through the canyon.

Truly weekends were made for Fall and the celebration of family. It was relaxing to leave life behind and experience simplicity and beauty.

.I am participating as a part of the Chevy Mom Squad, driving a Chevy Traverse for a month for review purposes only.  All opinions shared in this post are  mine and have not been influenced by Chevy. 

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