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Cars 2 Viewing Party with #OralBCrestFORME

My kiddos love watching movies. They are learning about good hygiene. We combined the two for a Cars II Viewing Party with Oral B and Crest FOR ME. The outcome was some really excited kiddos who think brushing their teeth is so much more fun.

Cars 2 Movie Viewing Party sponsored by Oral B and Crest FOR ME

Cars 2 Movie Viewing Party sponsored by Oral B and Crest FOR ME

Each of the kiddos invited one or two of their friends and their moms to join us.

Before the guests arrived we made a Concession Stand.

Popcorn Cupcakes

Popcorn Cupcakes

We made Popcorn Cupcakes!

Dirt Cups

Dirt Cups

The kiddos had a blast making and decorating the pudding dirt cups.

Turbo Turkey Wraps Recipe

Turbo Turkey Wraps

So it wasn’t all “junk” we threw in a Turbo Turkey Wrap!

Grand Prix Punch Recipe

Grand Prix Punch

And to wash it all down we served Grand Prix Punch!

When the guests arrived we got everyone settled in front of the TV for Disney’s Cars II. My kiddos saw it at the theater and LOVED it. My review hasn’t changed much. I must be in the minority because everyone was having a great time, when we called an intermission so we could get a snack reload!

That’s when this guy showed up:

Santa arrives during intermission

Santa arrives during intermission

He spent some time doing magic and sharing the importance of brushing your chompers.

Then he reached into his black bag and gave each kiddo an Oral-B and Crest FOR ME goodie bag.

Santa handing out the Oral B and Crest FOR ME goodie bags

Santa handing out the Oral B and Crest FOR ME goodie bags

Each goodie bag contained:

– Oral-B Stage III Toothbrush

– Oral-B Stages Flossers

– Pro-Health For Me toothpaste

– Pro-Health For Me floss picks

– Cars II Gummy Vitamins

– Coupons for Mom

Oral B Flossers are available in Disney's Princesses and Toy Story

Oral B Flossers are available in Disney’s Princesses and Toy Story

After all the excitement, we played a Trivia game and shared tips on Healthy Oral hygiene.

Oral B Floss Picks are available in cool Tween Colors

Oral B Floss Picks are available in cool Tween Colors

Then it was back to the movie viewing.

Everyone had a great time and the mom’s were so smitten with the goodie bags that we talked about how toothpaste and toothbrushes have changed through the years. We reflected on our favorite toothbrush growing up–mine was a snoopy dog house with an electric toothbrush. I loved that set up!

About Oral-B:

Oral-B Stages, dentists’ #1 recommended toothbrush brand for children, not only has kid appeal but is specifically designed to address children’s dentition, dexterity and development as they grow. Oral-B also offers kid-friendly Stages toothpaste to complement their brushing routine.

Oral-B Stages is recommended by dentists, accepted by parents and preferred by kids. In fact, in a 2001 practice-based study involving 22 pediatric dental offices in the U.S., Europe and Australia, and nearly 800 children revealed:

– 69% of parents reported that, compared to other brushes used, their children were motivated to brush longer with the Stages brush.

– 91% of dental professionals surveyed felt that the Stages brush addressed the specific dentition and dexterity needs of children.

Visit for more info

About Pro-Health For Me™ from Crest® and Oral-B®

Crest and Oral-B Pro-Health For Me is the first and only complete line of oral care products for tweens (kids 8+) created to protect all the areas dentists check in kids including fighting cavities, strengthening teeth enamel and freshening breath.

Pro-Health For Me provides trusted oral care products that tweens will want to use, with the oral care benefits moms want for their kids. With Pro-Health From Me, there’s finally something you can both agree on!

The Pro-Health For Me line includes toothbrushes that are just the right size for older kids’ mouths, toothpaste and rinse flavors designed for tweens and floss picks that are easy to use—all in unique packaging that’s cool enough for tweens!

Visit for more info.

Oral-B and Crest are brands I grew up on and trust in my home. The regimen shared at our party makes sense for a healthy smile not just now but in years to come.

*Our Cars II viewing party was sponsored by oral-b, crest and mom select. The opinions, where expressed, are my own and were in no way influenced by the sponsor. Others experiences may vary.


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