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Factors To Consider When Buying Postpartum Girdle

Do you feel self-conscious about your appearance when you wear clothes after giving birth? Do you have back pains due to delivery? If the answer to either question is yes, you have come to the right place.

Postpartum girdles have saved a lot of women from feeling self-conscious and helped them boost their self-confidence. One of the best sites to purchase a girdle is bellefit. It has a variety of quality and affordable products you can choose from.

You must consider several factors before purchasing a postpartum girdle—for example, its advantages, the material used, and even the price.

postpartum girdle with marking for benefits

Reasons Why Women Wear Postpartum Girdles

Most women feel self-conscious after giving a completely normal birth. It is not a sin to want to look good. However, there is no magical shortcut to getting a flat tummy after giving birth. Women choose postpartum girdles to disguise the size of their bellies.

There is no proven evidence that girdles and wraps can increase the rate at which the stomach shrinks. Some women wear them for weeks and do not notice the difference, while others see a huge change. Either way, genetics play a huge role. Not only do postpartum girdles help women feel good, but they also have other benefits, such as;

Abdominal support-

Delivering a child can take a toll on your muscles. It doesn’t matter how you deliver your child; your stomach always pays a hefty price. Extra abdominal support can help you a lot for the next few weeks or months. For women who have had a C-section, recovery can be quite challenging since you also have to heal from surgery. A postpartum girdle will help with the pain and pressure from the surgical wound.

Improves posture-

Having a great posture can be challenging after delivery. After getting pregnant, your posture slowly changes over the nine months. Getting back to your original posture will take some work. This is where a girdle comes to the rescue.

Back Pain-

After delivery, doctors recommend that one does not lift any objects heavier than the baby’s weight. They also advise one not to do any exercises or chores. Bringing life into this world is not a joke. It would be best if you had some time to heal. Most moms do not have the luxury of waiting for a few weeks. A wrap or girdle can help ease the back pain one feels while doing chores.

Factors To Consider When Buying a Postpartum Girdle

Before purchasing a postpartum girdle, there are several factors you should look at;

What is Your Priority Concern

Postpartum girdles are designed differently. Some are mostly for aesthetics, while others are functional. One can give you abdominal support while lacking back support, but others can work in both areas. While buying one, focus on the compression panels to see where it offers the most support. If you have both abdominal and back pain, you will want to choose a girdle that supports both areas.

Zipper vs Hook and Eye Closure

There are different varieties of girdles available. Some have three rows of button-up closures in the front, which helps adjust depending on your needs. They are also the right choice for the future when your belly reduces to avoid buying another girdle.

Others have zippers instead. They are easy to use, but you cannot adjust the fitting. Other designs offer both worlds. They feature both a zipper on the side and an adjustable button closure. On the other hand, some girdles have neither zippers nor button closures. They are challenging to wear but once worn, they do not show under clothes and stay in place.

Bathroom Consideration

You will want a girdle that allows easy access to the bathroom. After delivery, you will frequently go to the bathroom, so this must be your priority. Many girdles have a gusset where you can unbutton the crotch and use the restroom without removing the entire girdle.

Bra or No Bra

Most of the girdles start below the bust. Others have shoulder straps for support and to improve posture. Shoulder straps also keep the girdle in place. Some girdles have corsets that look like a bra. This is not a suitable choice after giving birth due to regular changes in breast size. A girdle that allows one to wear their bra is the best because it ensures a perfect fit in all areas. It is also great since you can wear a nursing bra with a girdle.

Full Rear Coverage

If you feel adventurous and like high-cut underwear, there are girdles for you too. You can choose minimal coverage or full rear coverage. There are some girdles available in the shape of thongs. You can select the rear cut that suits you best.

Some girdles offer butt support and lift the butt if you want it to look firm and have a better shape. If you have a smaller butt, choosing a minimal coverage girdle is best because a full rear can make it look smaller.

Registered or Not Registered

A registered postpartum girdle means that the FDA (Food And Drug Administration) has approved it to be well-functional. Only choose girdles registered by the FDA to ensure you get the quality and support needed.


As much as you want to save money, having something of excellent quality would be best. It would be best if you had a girdle that can stand up to multiple wears.

A good girdle should be an OK fit months after purchase. Look for girdles with three layers since they are considered the best. Also, look at the quality of the closures, such as zips and buttons. Hook and eye fasteners are better options than Velcro fasteners.

Product Reviews

Reviews from customers can save you a lot of hustle and tears. People will write testimonials regarding the numerous benefits if a product is good. The same case applies to bad products. People always comment about the poor quality of a product.


As stated earlier, a postpartum girdle has a lot of benefits. It will save you from endless back pain and give you the support you need. You have to consider the factors listed in this article before purchasing one, and you are good to go. A girdle can make you feel like your old self and increase your confidence from zero to the unimaginable.

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