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Boring Breakfast? A Not So Boring Tip

We are all so familiar with “a cup of coffee and a piece of pastry” kind of breakfast and, I also believe that it is going to stay with us for a very long time. Imagine what it gives us, extra time to ride the bus and not be late again, fewer tablewares to wash, no greasy pots, and more time to check your Facebook. But if you’re someone who gets tired of eating and seeing the same thing over and over again, then this one’s for you.

I’d hate to break it with you, but this is not a recipe blog nor a thorough discussion on what a well-balanced and healthy breakfast is. I simply created this to share with you how you can trick your way out of that boring breakfast you’ve been doing for maybe, all your life?

Throw That Boring Tableware

Your tableware is composed of plates, soup bowls, spoons, coffee mugs, drinking ware, and more.

But why is it a problem?

Have you noticed that favorite restaurant of yours?

Do they serve everything in simple and boring ways?

Fun fact: according to Charles Spence, who happens to be an experimental psychologist at Oxford University, things like the weight and color of your utensil affect how the actual food tastes and that even environmental cues change how we experience food.

We are so accustomed to the idea that food tastes bad because it is bad, lacks salt, is too dry, or simply boring.

But what we do not understand, a simple, boring-looking dinnerware affects how we experience that perfect meal. So, how do we solve it?

Another way is to use wooden wares; it is easy to clean with the proper technique, it feels light, and most significantly, it will serve its purpose, making your breakfast look aesthetic and relaxing to look at.

Wooden spoon, wooden fork and wooden plate on the table

Water Is Boring, Color Is Everything

I know, I know, water has a lot of health benefits like preventing dehydration, aids digestion, balances our body fluids, and more.

But let’s be honest, it is TASTELESS!

You do not want to go start your day sipping a colorless and tasteless drink just because you’re too lazy to prepare something, right?

I am not saying you should not drink one for breakfast.

What I’m trying to say is let us think of something to add to that one.

There are different human beings in this world.

There are “Hard-Hot Drinker,” and there are “Bloody-Cold Drinker” alike.

For “Hard-Hot Drinker,” here are your options:

  • Tea – Make sure to choose the colored ones. We do not want to add fuel to the fire.
  • Hot Chocolate – There are a lot of easy-to-make chocolate drinks. If it’s too bitter because of some pure cocoa used, just add sugar or honey.
  • Milk – Another boring entry, but why not add some marshmallows or sprinkle that chocolate powder of yours?

Here’s to my kind, the “Bloody-Cold Drinker.”

  • Iced-coffee – Yup, you got that right. Cold coffee in the morning; nothing beats this (not unless I run out of ice). Imagine having a lot of options, iced macchiato, iced mocha, or cold-brewed coffee.
  • Breakfast Smoothie – This one is famous. You can see different videos on the internet showing the best recipes for a smoothie. Depending on your need, some opt to add protein powders, superfood powders, vitamin c, probiotics, and more. If you’re on a budget, toss some ice, pick a fruit that’s inexpensive, honey as a sweetener, or just regular sugar. Then be creative, greens, chocolate powders hanging in the corner, up to you.
  • Juice – It can never go wrong. Orange, apple, cranberry are just some of the famous breakfast options.

mother giving excited daughter pancakes for breakfast

It’s Boring When It’s Repeating

I’m one for the thrifty ones out there.

I don’t want to waste my money and energy making breakfast like the celebrities.

I’m not one. But we want to solve the mystery word: Boring.

Where do we start?

Scrap repetitions!

Doing the same thing over and over again makes you tired, exhausted, or burnout.

You’ll never look forward to breakfast.

  • Eggs – If you have eggs for breakfast, make sure it’s not the same thing for tomorrow or the next day, says Total Shape. For scrambled, add mayo, tomatoes, garlic, or cheese.
  • Pastries – Never consume that piece of loaf as it is, heat a pan, add some butter, then toast it.
  • Pancake – Have you tried it with honey? Boring right? It feels like a law, but this time, we’re allowed to break it. Slice that banana, toss some nuts and maybe sprinkle some chocolate.

It’s Getting Boring, Let’s Sum It Up

There are no rules or boundaries. You can always mix up things into your preference. Each of us is unique in every way. You may disagree with how others like their eggs or how cold their coffee is in the morning. What we want to achieve here is that, don’t settle for a bland, boring, tired-looking breakfast. Allow yourself to look forward to breakfast. You don’t need expensive stuff, serve that coffee in different mugs every day, eat your breakfast on a wooden board, add colors and variations. After all, this is how we show our life that we don’t just work just to work the next day again. So grab that paper and plan your breakfast for a week. Let’s look at tomorrow as an opportunity to make some BREAKFAST!



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