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Me Time: Positive Day-Peaceful Night Review

Suzanne Jessee’s
Me Time: Positive Day–Peaceful Night

Somewhere between Kiddo One and Kiddo Six, I failed to recognize that I needed time for myself.

Time to regroup.

Time to put aside my role as Mom, Wife, and Friend and just be ME.

Sure, I’ve tried to escape to the shower, but it usually is interrupted by someone needing to find something.

I eat on the go.

I gulp caffeine at Super Hero speeds.

By the time night rolls around, my mind is in full-speed. It keeps me awake.

As a result, I have self-diagnosed myself and share that I have Chronic Exhaustion.

There are days when my eyelids are dark brown from being tired. It’s a trait I inherited from my mom.

Recently I have had the opportunity to review Suzanne Jessee’s Me Time: Positive Day-Peaceful Night.

Me Time: Positive Day-Peaceful Night CD Cover

This CD is a great resource for unwinding.

Suzanne Jessee has a very soothing soothing in fact that in my initial listening for the review, I didn’t make it to the end of the CD!

The first track is a great start to every day with positive reinforcement.

Suzanne Jessee’s calming voice guides you through a session of imagery and Cognitive Meditation.

It sets your mind in a positive frame and prepares you to greet your day optimistically!

The second track Two is designed to help you relax and fall asleep.

Another Cognitive Meditation and use of imagery take you step-by-step into relaxation and helped me turn off my ever-thinking mind!

I loved this part of the CD, I slept without being restless; I let go of my stress and gave into sleep.

There is also a track three that is soothing music.

 It can be played anytime.

 I find this great background noise as it calms not only me but my children.

You can learn more about Suzanne Jessee and her Escape Plan, including Me Time: Positive Day-Peaceful Night on the Suzanne Jessee website.

Disclosure: No monetary compensation was offered or accepted for this post.  I received the product mentioned in this post for review purposes from the sponsor. These opinions are my own and in no way influenced by the sponsor. Other’s experience may vary.
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