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Blog Design 101

The Woman is a SAINT!
Maybe it’s the economic collapse of Greece.  Maybe it’s that our house seems to be mutating a cold virus since March 28 and is finally on it’s way out. Maybe it’s that I just turned to 41 ageless last Friday. I really don’t know–though I am sticking with the economic collapse of Greece as the reason because well, I didn’t have anything to do with that and I’m all about passing the blame.
I told you Mommy’s Memorandum is getting ready for a new layout, complete with fancy-schmancy header and all the bells and whistles.
I researched many, many blog designers.
I picked out the colors–I even abandoned the purple–oy!
Last night the proof came through. It was lovely, but wasn’t really me.
I believe I’m relatively speaking an easy going kinda gal. I will be the first to admit that I dislike change…of any kind. Still…I’m pretty much your standard flair of “go with the flow”.
This being said, it was really difficult for me to send the email back that outlined my likes and dislikes–or, as I’m sure the blog designer would say my DISlikes and Likes. Yeah…it was pretty one sided.
I lost sleep over it. My stomach was all knotted and nasty. I genuinely felt badly–I know she put a LOT of time into it.
This morning I awoke to find a new proof. It was MUCH, much, MUCH more me.
I still penned my LIKES and dislikes–
This evening I logged into find the changes.
Again, I’m not one for changes…at ALL.
I love it and this time only made one request.
We’re getting closer, People!
I’ve learned two things through this whole thing….
I picked the RIGHT Blog Designer…I love her. She’s easy to work with and really doing an amazing job…who am I kidding, THE WOMAN IS A SAINT!!!!!
But more importantly, what I’ve learned is…
I’m far too emotionally attached to this BLOG.
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