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Big Berkey Water Filter System Review

I received a Big Berkey Water Filter System in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.

For years, my husband has read his Outdoor magazines, and we’ve discussed too many times water filters. The Berkey has always been the top of his bucket list for water filters.

I like to believe they work on magic. Still, I’m assured they are built upon the Doulton tech of Super Sterasyl Ceramic filters- used by military forces, relief troops, and missionaries who lacked clean water access.

This “magic” was later developed into black filters used in Big Berkey Water Filter Systems.


Big Berkey Water Filter System Review

My family of four does not drink tap water.

There really is no other reason than we don’t like the taste of it.

So my family of four has been buying jugs of water.

We bought twelve one-gallon jugs every week as part of our grocery budget.

Then our Big Berkey arrived, double-boxed, to ensure there was no water filter system damage.

I was impressed by how heavy-duty the unit is–and how beautiful the 304 stainless steel is.

I was also thrilled at how compact in size the system is.


But, we didn’t want it for looks.

What Does Berkey Water Filter Do?

  • Will filter bacteria to a 99.99999% level and viruses to a 99.9999% level.
  • The black Berkeys filter out Chlorine to undetectable levels
  • Removes Lead, MTBEs, and other heavy metals up to 95% levels.
  • PF-2 filters remove Fluoride and arsenic.
  • Black Berkey filters exceed EPA log 7 ANSI / NSF protocols for filtration and are rated as water purifiers.
  • Gravity-fed systems that require no plumbing or water hookups for use
  • Black Berkey filters have 3,000-gallon life (6,000 used in pairs)
  • Allows red dye testing to know when filters need replacing (no expensive water tests)
  • In emergencies allows use of non-public water (stream, lake, etc.)

Impressive right?


Think it’s too good to be true? See the Laboratory Testing Results for what Berkey water filters remove.

The core of the Big Berkey Water Filter System is its black Berkey filters.

They are the “magic” I described at the beginning of this post.

The black filters are almost 12-inches in length and are made from a proprietary combination of six different types of media.

These bad boys take water filtering to a whole new level!


After receiving the Big Berkey, my husband picked me up from work, handed me a cold water bottle, and said, “You get to have the first sip of water from our Big Berkey.”

I took a sip.

Then a gulp.

There was silence.

I took another gulp and replied, “Well, it tastes…wet.”

There was ABSOLUTELY no taste in the water.

It was just wet.

Wet must be a good thing because now the kids are drinking water.


If any of us had mimicked my husband before Big Berkey arrived at our house, it would have been to say, “Drink more water.”

That was his answer for everything.


“Drink more water.”


“Drink more water.”


“Drink more water.”

The kiddos found it hilarious, for this reason, when mid-week that first week we had filled our twelve typical water jugs with the Big Berkey’s water, my husband came out of the kitchen with furrowed brows exclaiming, “You guys need to stop drinking so much water!”


When We Switched to Big Berkey My Family Went from 12 Gallons to 18 Gallons of Water Per Week

It’s my husband’s job to fill the water jugs…and we now go through 18-24 gallons every week of water.

It’s okay because using the Big Berkey makes the cost of water purification just about two cents per gallon.

Several times we have told our kiddos, “You may have a soda with dinner,” only to have one of the kiddos answers, “I’m just going to have water.”

It’s a parenting victory!

There is, of course, a downside.

At work, I drink bottled water.

I don’t like it anymore and now take my water bottle.

I cringe if my day turns out to be longer than I thought and my body craves water.

The bottled water tastes fake to me now.

We also aren’t keen on the water when we dine out.


Prior to Big Berkey, I thought water was just water.

Its purpose was to hydrate.

Now I crave water.

I am amazed at how there is no flavor in water.

It seriously is just wet.

Big Berkey is keeping my family hydrated and making water our number-one drink of choice.

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