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How To Fix Peeling Numbers On A Sports Jersey Like a VIP

How to Fix Peeling Numbers on a Sports Jersey: A Step-by-Step Guide

Every sports fan knows the frustration of seeing numbers peel off their beloved jersey. But don’t worry, with a few simple steps and household items, you can fix peeling jersey numbers and keep your sports gear looking sharp.

Why Do Numbers Peel Off Jerseys?

Jersey numbers are typically made from plastic decals that adhere to the fabric using an adhesive. Over time, excessive wear or frequent washing can cause these numbers to peel away from the fabric.

Fixing peeling numbers on a red sports jersey using simple household items.

Steps to Fix Peeling Jersey Numbers

1. Prepare Your Jersey

  • Wash and Dry: Start with a clean jersey. Wash it according to the care instructions and let it dry completely.

2. Gather Your Supplies

  • Items needed: Iron, plain white paper, towel or piece of cardboard, and your clean jersey.

Items needed to repair peeling numbers on a red sports jersey: iron, paper, cardboard.

3. Setup Your Workspace

  • Place the jersey on a heat-resistant surface, such as a towel or cardboard. Ensure the peeling numbers are face-up and fully visible.

Step-by-step guide to fixing peeling numbers on a red sports jersey using easy DIY methods.

4. Protect the Jersey

  • Cover the peeling numbers with a sheet of plain white paper. This will protect the fabric from direct heat while allowing the adhesive to reattach.

Repairing peeling numbers on a red sports jersey by laying paper over the number.

5. Iron the Numbers

  • Heat the Iron: Set your iron to a medium setting, ensuring the steam function is off.
  • Apply Heat: Place the iron over the paper-covered numbers and press down for a few seconds. Lift the iron frequently to check progress and avoid overheating.

Using an iron to fix peeling numbers on a red sports jersey.

6. Remove the Paper

  • Once the numbers are reattached, remove the paper while it’s still warm to prevent it from sticking to the jersey.

Using an iron to repair peeling numbers on a red sports jersey

7. Inspect and Repeat

  • Check the numbers for any remaining loose edges. Repeat the ironing process as necessary to ensure the numbers are fully affixed.

Using an iron to repair peeling numbers on a red sports jersey


Preventing Numbers from Peeling

This article from the Spruce will help you with laundry symbols.

1. Wash on a Gentle Cycle

  • Use cold water and a gentle cycle to minimize wear on the decals.

2. Turn Jerseys Inside Out

  • Always turn your jerseys inside out before washing to protect the numbers from direct agitation.

3. Line-Dry Your Jersey

  • Avoid the dryer. Instead, line-dry your jerseys to prevent heat damage that can cause peeling.

Repairing peeling numbers on a red sports jersey using an easy DIY method.

Quick Fix Tips for Peeling Numbers on Jerseys

Easy Number Repair for Jerseys

Got an old jersey with peeling numbers? With this simple method, you can make it look brand new.

Supplies Needed:

  • Clean jersey
  • Iron
  • Cutting board or cardboard
  • Plain white paper


  • Place the cutting board inside the jersey, under the peeling numbers.
  • Cover the numbers with a piece of white paper.
  • Iron over the paper, moving the iron continuously to avoid burning the fabric.
  • Peel the paper away while still warm.

For more detailed instructions, watch this video tutorial: How to Fix Peeling Numbers on a Sports Jersey.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re a dedicated sports fan or an athlete, keeping your jersey in top condition is important. With these easy steps, you can fix peeling numbers and ensure your jersey looks great for years to come. Regular care and maintenance will help prevent peeling and extend the life of your sports gear.

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