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Best Educational Super Nintendo Games for Your Kids

During the 90s, Nintendo released a gaming system that provided entertainment and education for kids, and they loved it right away!

This platform is called the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES), and if you have this in your collection of gaming consoles, you can consider yourself one of the luckiest people in the world.

The SNES is one of the reasons why most children pursue a gaming career in their adult years.

Although some people may look at it as a distraction or a waste of time, most of the games on this console are quite educational and informative.

Nintendo made sure that they would help kids learn a thing or two from their games, so they created a bunch of them that features their favorite characters of all time.

If you are a SNES fan and you want your child to experience the same joy you did, you can download an emulator and find your favorite Super Nintendo ROMs all over the internet!


marios super nintendo time machine

Why Use Games to Educate Your Kids?

The answer to this question is quite simple: kids love games!

As children, their minds will wander around, looking for the things that will pique their interest.

Sure, using traditional methods may keep them at bay for a while, but when they get bored (and it will happen), their brain won’t retain the information you are laying out for them.

Make sure that your kids will enjoy your educational sessions to secure their effectiveness, and if you are having trouble with this, consider using games as an additional tool.

5 Best Super Nintendo Games for Educational Purposes

Mario’s Time Machine

This game is one of the best educational video games you will ever find, mainly because of the adventures you will encounter with everyone’s favorite Nintendo character: Mario!

Mario uses the time machine (Timulator) Bowser invents to return the ancient artifacts he stole from specific periods in this game.

As you guide Mario in this awesome adventure, you will get to know historical facts and details about the artifacts you are returning, and you will get to take fun quizzes within the game itself!

If you are a fan of history, this game can tickle your mind and give your child a nice time!

Mario’s Early Years: Fun With Numbers

In this fun and educational video game, you will see Mario and Princess Peach running around various islands for extraordinary adventures.

As you go around by guiding them, you will face entertaining tests and informational scenarios in which you will learn all about numbers and geometry.

If you see yourself as a math wiz and you want to inspire your child to love numbers as much as you do, then this game can do that job for you!

Bronkie the Bronchiasaurus

Asthma is one of the saddest ailments a child could get in this world.

Aside from the fact that it stays with you, it ruins your daily experiences and disrupts your productivity whenever it creeps in.

In dealing with this issue, Nintendo made sure that they could provide entertainment and support by creating this game to inform kids about a thing or two about asthma.

In Bronkie the Bronchiasaurus, you will get to guide a bunch of dinosaurs as they go through a dust-covered Earth and battle asthma.

When they successfully built a winding device, Mr. Rexo stole it and hid the pieces all over San Saurian.

It is up to you to help Bronkie, and Trakie rebuilds the machine and saves the other dinosaurs from experiencing asthma difficulties.

To top it all off, the bonus games feature instructions on how to use an inhaler correctly, and you will get to learn daily life facts for people who are dealing with asthma.

ninento game controller to play the best educational games on super nintento



Contrary to popular opinion, video games are helpful and insightful educational tools from which your children can learn many things.

From academic missions to inspiring life lessons, Super Nintendo games are why most adults are responsible enough to take care of their lives and families in quite a unique way.

If you want to inspire your children into becoming like you, guide them as they play your favorite Super Nintendo games and enjoy those nostalgic moments while they still last.

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