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Beauty Trends You Should Consider Trying

So far, the year 2017 has had some innovative beauty trends that are worth trying. Here are some of the trends you should consider:

Beauty Trends You Should Consider Trying

Bare Face

Are you always covering your face with layers of makeup?

Try out the bare face look and allow your skin to breathe.

Thanks to celebrities, women are deciding to toss their foundation and embrace their natural beauty.

This trend began in 2016 when singer Alicia Keys posted a picture of her sans makeup while still looking stunning.

Beauty Trends You Should Consider Trying

This healthy trend is the opposite of the heavily contoured look in style until 2016.

You can show off your natural beauty and empower other women to feel confident and beautiful in their own skin.

Moreover, you will get to save a ton of money by ditching all that expensive makeup.

Wire Nails

In the nail industry, not many trends have taken off as fast as the wire nails trend.

This trend involves wire designs which include cuticle accents, cuticle bed decals, and wire tips.

The look is usually paired with nude nails and is minimalistic and delicate.

You will love the elegance and simplicity of wire nails once you try them out.

Anti-contouring Baby Face

Although last year was all about heavy contouring, women are doing it less this year.

In 2016, everything was from highlighted collarbones and butt contouring to chiseled chins and hollow cheekbones.

You might need to set the bronzer down this year and embrace the babyface trend.

Ladies embrace their full faces and use a highlighter to bring out their doll face features.

Although you will still wear makeup, this trend celebrates your full face while highlighting your natural features.

The trend is about keeping your makeup looking youthful.

Pair the look with rosy, plump cheeks, pink lips, and a dewy complexion.


Did you think that bangs only flatter middle school kids?

This year seems to be the year in which bangs make a comeback.

Everything from bluntly chopped bangs to long fringes is in style.

Bangs are very versatile and work with most hair types and lengths.

Beauty Trends You Should Consider Trying

Moreover, you can change your look drastically without altering your hair.

You can always grow out your hair if you decide to cut your hair into bangs but hate the look.

Untamed Brow

The untamed brow is one of 2017’s mesmerizing beauty trends.

The old reign of drawn-on, bold brows is over, so you must accept your natural brows.

The beauty and runway worlds are full of women who have embraced their untamed brows.

Beauty Trends You Should Consider Trying

This look is quite easy to achieve; you just have to allow your brows to grow until they are full.

Once they are filled in, use a clear gel to brush them before you head to work.

With this trend, you will not have to endure painful hair plucking techniques that irritate your skin.

Wide-open eyes look better with this full brow.

If you want to make your eyes look open using nootropics, look into the benefits (and brutally awful side effects) before choosing any kind.

According to Dr. Garcia, the best plastic surgery Las Vegas Nevada-based expert, the plastic and reconstructive surgery industry has also experienced a shakeup in 2017. Women are undergoing butt lift and breast enlargement, and breast lift surgeries. More patients are also requesting chin and cheek implants for a more youthful and striking face. Men who are fit and lean but cannot quite achieve a rippled six-pack are opting for liposuction and fat injections.

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