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Guize Face FX Contour Palette All You Need for the Perfect Contour

We received Guize Face FX Contour Palette in exchange for this post. All opinions and our love for beauty and makeup remain our own.

Guize Face FX Contour Palette is all you need to create the perfect contour.

MacKenzie is a makeup maven. She practices her everyday look and experiments with new looks she finds on YouTube or Instagram. One of the looks she has been working on mastering is contouring. The Guize Face FX Contour Palette contouring has been fun and easier for her to learn.


Here she is after using the Guize Face FX Contour Palette.

guize face fx

Guize Face FX Contour Palette comes in three shades to match skin flawlessly.

  • Moonlight for light skin
  • Daylight for medium skin
  • Twilight for darker skin

MacKenzie’s skin is so pale it is almost translucent. She chose the Moonlight Guize Face FX Contour Palette. It gives her skin a healthy glow and offers contrast without being harsh.


The palette has four powders:

  • Highlight
  • Contour
  • Bronzer
  • Shimmer

Each color is designed to complement the complexion.


Each of the four powders has a specific role in the art of contouring.

  • Highlight gives a lifting effect
  • Contour creates the shape
  • Bronzer as a basking
  • Shimmer for shine

The Highlight and Contour powders add dimension and depth to the face.

Bronzer gives the face the look of sun-kissed skin

The shimmer gives a beautiful glow.

Blending is key, and the matte finish of the Guize Face FX is more natural than some of the other contour palettes MacKenzie has tried.

MacKenzie fell in love with the palette right away. The powder is a smooth, rich texture, almost like butter, making it easy to blend to perfection. It is also highly pigmented.

This offers a matte finish or keeps layering for a shimmery highlight.

guize face fx profile

As someone new to contouring, MacKenzie found the little informational guide included helpful. It offers illustrations showing exactly where product placement should happen based on the shape of the face.

This palette has been a game-changer for MacKenzie’s makeup routine.

Watch the video to hear and see MacKenzie share her love for Guize Face FX:

Guize Face FX comes in a slim case with a magnetic closure. It’s the perfect size for placing in a purse or travel bag. MacKenzie finds this palette is ideal for not only contouring but eyeshadow.

One of MacKenzie’s favorite looks is wing eyeliner, but most days, she goes for a natural look. The Guize Face FX palette offers her so much versatility and options in one place and is an affordable $40 addition to her makeup routine.


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