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5 Home Remodeling Mistakes To Avoid

Below, you’ll learn about 6 of the more common home remodeling mistakes people make – hopefully, with this help, you can avoid making them too.

It can be exciting to finally have the time to do that big home remodeling job you’ve been putting off for the past year; so much so that you rush headlong into the project.

However, it is imperative you avoid making costly mistakes that will set you back timewise and budget-wise.


Careful When Remodeling The Bathroom

5 Home Remodeling Mistakes To Avoid

Of course, if you’re making merely cosmetic changes, you needn’t worry too much.

The usual care in making measurements stands true here; if you’re replacing a vanity, you want to make sure the size matches the space available.

Now, if you’re planning a major change, then the professional plumbers recommend having someone take a look at the layout of the piping in your bathroom.

It will be very costly to rearrange since it’s ultimately tied to the sewer line.

You’ll also want to make sure the plumbing is in working order before you start – one of the biggest mistakes is launching into a remodeling job without knowing the status of the sink, the shower, and the toilet.

Failing To Make Cabinet Measurements In The Kitchen

5 Home Remodeling Mistakes To Avoid

One of the most popular home improvements is in the kitchen.

Cabinets, especially, are targeted for upgrades because of how much of a difference new ones can make to the overall interior.

The common mistake here is the failure to measure every space twice – three times if necessary.

You don’t want to have the cabinets purchased, delivered and sealed in; only to discover that there’s not enough room for your oven range or refrigerator.

Making these changes results in a very costly job.

Making Changes That Are Fleeting

You want to avoid making changes that are only in fashion for a season.

Which ones are these?

The trendy ones that are all the rage in home decor magazines; why spend the effort and money only to be out of style within two seasons?

Go for your own style.

This is most important for the kitchen area, as it tends to have the greatest resale value out of all the rooms in the house.

Failing To Spend On Crucial Areas

One of the most telling is the bathroom, where the moisture and dark lighting is a veritable playground for mold and mildew – especially with old grout lining your sink and bathtub corners.

If you spend quite a bit on your bathroom, then you shouldn’t decide to pinch pennies when it comes to spots for potential water damage, nor overlook mold remediation to stop an overrun before it starts.

The experts recommend having a trusted restoration specialist take a look at problem areas in your house as your remodeling project gets underway.

Secure Enough Flooring The First Time Around

Whether you want hardwood flooring, single-board laminate or manufactured wood, make sure you order more than you need on the first go-around.


Because in most remodeling jobs that involve kitchen floor replacement, some of the boards break – and you may not be able to get the same color and design if they’re out of stock.

You don’t want to have to place your remodeling job on hold for weeks until new shipments come in.

Aim for about 20 percent more flooring than you’ve calculated.

Besides the above, the most important thing to remember is the prep work that helps you avoid costly errors.

Make measurements liberally; being off by an inch or two could throw your entire home improvement plans into disarray.

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