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Baby Deedee Sleep Nest Review

When my children were born, I searched and searched for the perfect way to keep them at the perfect temperature while they slept.  With my first-born who was born in February, we used the nightgowns and lots of blankets… not a very safe way to allow Baby Girl to sleep and she was sometimes OVER-heated.

With Big Boy, we were given a sleep sack.  It was heavy – which was good for January nights, but the zipper was short and changing a diaper was a feat in itself because I couldn’t maneuver around the sleeves and zipper.  The third baby was so big that the sleepers didn’t really fit all that well.  We finally used footed pajamas – not a very comfortable way for a newborn to sleep.

Baby Deedee Sleep Nest-White

Now, I am expecting my fourth baby.  When I received the Baby DeeDee SleepNest, my joy soared!  Finally, a sleep sack that even a grown adult wouldn’t mind using!  The quilted duvet fabric is so plush and soft; the outer fabric is breathable cotton, while the inside is a quilted knit just like your favorite tee. The filling is just right too, so it is cool and comfy during warmer spring and summer nights and warm and cozy during those colder fall and winter nights.

The other thing I absolutely adore about the Sleep Nest is the zipper.  After three children, I can say with no embarrassment that I invariably poked my fingers in an eye or a nose hole at one point in their infancies.  As a bleary-eyed mom, sometimes trying to find an infant in the complete dark is impossible, so I groped around.  Not anymore!  The white Sleep Nest features a glow-in-the-dark zipper with an extra-large toggle!  You will easily find baby in the crib to pick her up or just check to make sure she is still lying on her back.  Even cooler, the zipper zips from the bottom to the top!  How wonderful for changing a midnight diaper without disturbing baby’s arms and worrying about nipping his neck with the zipper on the way up.

The Baby Deedee Sleep Nest also has snaps on the shoulders so that if you do need to take the sleep nest off, you can do so with ease without trying to fight those wiggly newborn arms!  It is so easy to dress and undress Baby with the Baby Deedee Sleep Nest because of the shoulder snaps and reverse zipper!

I think my favorite part of the Baby Deedee Sleep Nest is that it comes in many sizes.  My last two children were 9+ pounds which limits how long they can wear newborn clothes and sleepers.  The Baby Deedee Sleep Nest comes in small (0-6 mos) for 10 – 18 lbs, medium (6 – 18 mos) for 16 – 26 lbs, and even large (18 – 36 mos) for 25 – 35 lbs!  How many moms go in before bed and realize that the two-year-old is not covered at all?  The Baby Deedee solves that problem by giving the little one her own wee sleeping bag!   With long sleeved pajamas or a onesie underneath, this sleep sack would be equivalent to the way I sleep with pajamas underneath a cozy quilt.

The Baby Deedee Sleep Nest also comes in five beautiful colors so that every mom can find Baby’s perfect color!  Although I love the white with the glow-in-the-dark zipper, the sleep nest also comes in dream blue, dream pink, khaki, and cookies and cream.

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I received a Baby Deedee Sleep Nest in order to facilitate an honest review. The opinions, where expressed, are my own and were in no way influenced by the sponsor. Others experiences may vary.

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