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AdoraPet Series Take Children on a Reading Adventure!

Li’l Man goes to Kindergarten in the afternoon. This leaves the morning to just the two of us. Sometimes we talk. Sometimes we bake, but his favorite thing is to read. Recently we read two books from the new AdoraPet series, Pima Puppy’s Mermaid Adventure and Pico and Pima’s Puppy’s Pirate Adventure where his imagination ran wild in rhyme and adventure!
These children’s books are written by YiShaun Yang, whose vision she expresses as

“The feeling of hope and possibility is one of the most magical and sustaining feelings in our lives.  I want to share with children that same feeling of hope and possibility in their lives.  I wrote the AdoraPet book series to nurture children’s dreams and their belief in themselves.  Most of the stories are told from the perspective of the child, so your child gets to experience the adventure instead of just reading about somebody else’s adventure.”

The books are written in rhyme, making it easier for Li’l Man to sound out and read himself. This is a big deal and he loves AdoraPet books because he can read them almost completely alone.

The size of the books is perfect for him to sit on the couch or take with him to school, where he can read on the steps while he waits or in the car. They are small and perfect for his meat paws.

AdoraPet’s Pima Puppy and Pico Puppy’s Pirate Adventure Book

The Pirate Adventure is his favorite, though he thinks the Mermaid Adventure goes well with his book because after all, Pirates and Mermaids are “friends”. He loves to share the Mermaid Adventure with The Divine Miss M and lately they have each been reading a page from each book and combining the stories causing giggles galore!

AdoraPets is a fun series with plenty of adventures for smaller children and even to be enjoyed by older children. They make great picture books and occupy imaginations.
*I received AdoraPet books in order to facilitate an honest review. The opinions, where expressed are my own, and were in no way influenced by the sponsor. Others experiences may vary.
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