Skip to Content EARLY LEARNING ACADEMY Review is a step-by-step learning path that presents the curriculum in a carefully designed program that includes more than 350 lessons in six levels.  As your child completes each lesson, he is guided to the next one and is motivated to continue learning by‘s Tickets and Rewards System. logo is the perfect place for my preschooler to play and learn online!

Before I found this website, it was a chore to get MESS to learn her letters, to count, or to sit and listen to a song, but she loves the time she gets to spend at and asks every morning when it is time for her to do her school.

MES Loves Learning with

MES Loves Learning with

When I first logged on to, I was prompted to watch a short tutorial learning how worked and what I needed to do as a parent.  After the video, I made MESS’s avatar using their different hair, eye, and clothing selections.  It was easy enough – even if one isn’t tech-savvy! is a worry-free site

After creating avatars for MESS and myself, I entered the classroom.  As a mom, I always want to check things out before the kiddos — just in case.  This is a worry-free site.  The preschool curriculum focuses on reading, math, art, music, social studies, and science.  There is no social agenda or messaging being sold here…. just good old-fashioned learning in a high-tech environment!

When MESS awoke from a nap, we went to her classroom.  She had never used a mouse before, but apparently, kids adapt better than adults because, after just two sessions, she was using the mouse like a PRO!  We proceeded to go through the first lesson in her preschool curriculum.  In the Preschool curriculum, there are five activities for reading which encompass learning sounds and words, recognizing sounds in words, knowing letter names and sounds, sight words, and understanding stories and books (reading comprehension), and five activities for math that include standards for numbers, shapes, measurement, and patterns.  As you continue through the steps, lessons in art, music, science, and social studies are included. The number of activities increases with the level of your child.

MES Works on Letter Recognition

MES works on letter recognition with

We completed the five activities in reading first, took a play break, and then came back to complete the five activities in math.  After each activity, the child earns tickets, which is the BEST part of this award-winning website for MESS.  She saved up enough tickets to buy the virtual tree house bed for her virtual room.  Her second favorite activity is the online coloring pages.  This kid loves to giggle at the silly color combinations she makes!

I like the simplicity of the presentation.  The first book, Ham and Jam, focuses on a brother and sister who learn that trying new things can be fun while using the short /a/ sound throughout.  The words are highlighted as the narrator reads so that the child sees that sounds equate to words.  The first math book is Counting One to Five and again, it is a simple presentation of all the numbers one through five.  Each number has four examples of counting, i.e., one kite (with a picture of one kite) or four bicycles (with a picture of four bicycles)…. simple and concise.‘s game curriculum offers more than 180 fun games designed to help children learn

I especially liked the games part of the lesson.  The games showed that MESS was catching on and really knew what the letter A looked like and that she really could identify the number three for example.’s game curriculum offers more than 180 fun games designed to help children learn and practice important ideas and skills in reading, math, social studies, science, and art.

Of course, there is an art portion of online coloring as I mentioned before.’s art and colors curriculum are designed not only to develop your child’s visual art skills but also to reinforce other subjects because children learn in many ways.

There is a music section where a song is sung karaoke style (for when the child can read).  Today, we sang Five Little Monkeys, at least, four times!  There is nothing like getting bonked on the head by your three-year-old when you fall off the bed!  This repetition is another added bonus of the website; parents can decide to create lesson plans and choose activities for their child(ren).  The child can choose to repeat an activity again and again; this is encouraged at

Big Boy begged me to create an avatar just for him, and at parents can create up to three accounts for different children.  Although he is working at second grade, it is always a good idea to review the subtraction, addition, and phonics that offers.

We have barely scratched the surface of all the fun and educational activities that this site has to offer; I’ll definitely be updating Mommy’s Memorandum with all the stories of our learning progress!

Our whole family is reaping the benefits of this site and its educational benefits.

About the company:

Age of Learning, Inc. is a Glendale, California, company that has launched a global education initiative intended to provide young children with a strong foundation for future academic success. One of the goals of this initiative is the collection and dissemination of information about early childhood education in the United States and English language learning around the world.

Age of Learning, Inc. is also the creator of the award-winning early childhood education website Early Learning Academy®, described by many educators as the most comprehensive early learning curriculum available online. The website has received special recognition from Parents magazine and has been honored with the 2011 Parents’ Choice Gold Award, the 2011 Mom’s Choice Gold Award, and the 2010 Children’s Technology Review Editor’s Choice Award. Also, the WMA presented with the 2010 Outstanding Achievement in Web Development award in two categories — Education Standard of Excellence and the Family Standard of Excellence.


Lauralee Saad loves homeschooling her three kiddos: Ballerina, age 8, Big Boy, age 6, and MESS, age 3.  She enjoys sewing when she can find a spare corner to set up her machine and dig out fabrics, cooking and baking – especially if the kiddos are helping, and enjoying a good book after the kiddos have gone to bed.  She is thrilled to be welcoming a baby girl into the family in March of 2012.
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