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The Magic Spatula and Quickly’s Magical Pancake Adventure Book Review

When I was pregnant with The Divine Miss M pancakes were my passion. We would eat at IHOP All. the. time. and I would ALWAYS order their all you can eat pancakes. Turns out a pregnant me can eat 5.5 pancakes! Now pancakes flip from the table into adventure in Miriam Kronish and Jeryl Abelmann’s book,  Quickly: The Magic Spatula.

It’s a book that centers on the fact that folks love pancakes. We must also love books because Quickly: The Magic Spatula is the 2011 Children’s Books Winner of the Hollywood Book Festival as well as Winner of the Moonbeam Spirit Award. This Award honors the best children’s books dedicated to literacy and inspired writing and illustrating. Also the Gold Medal Award from the Bay Area Independent Publishers Association for Best Children’s Picture Book.

Quickly is a spatula whose adventure shares factual information on the evolution and history of pancakes. I was stunned by all the names for the shaped pancakes through history. There is a recipe in the very back to make; what else? Pancakes! Yum!

There is also a sequel, Quickly’s Magical Pancake Adventure. The tale of Quickly the Magic Spatula continues in this book, where we continue to learn about pancakes in our quest for delicious recipes. Quickly meets some of the most famous chef’s who’ve ever used a spatula.

Of course, if we meet chef’s wielding spatula’s, we want their recipes. Quickly’s Magical Pancake Adventure delivers 25 pancake recipes from world famous chefs like Roy Yamaguchi, Cat Cora, and Jaques Pepin.

While I love these books for their facts and fantasy woven together, I have a dilemma in I want them in my cookbook collection, but they seem to fit more in with my children’s books.

Either way, these books are clever. They entertained my kiddos and we enjoyed learning with Quickly.
About the Author
Miriam Kronish teaches at Cambridge College in Massachusetts. A former public school principal, Ms. Kronish is a National Distinguished Principal and Honored Principal in the state of Massachusetts. She enjoys music, cooking, theater and reading.Jeryl Abelmann is a retired elementary school teacher, and a past recipient of the Teacher of the Year award for her school district. Ms. Abelmann is a member of the Carmel Bach Festival Board of Directors, California Writers Club, and the Screen Actors Guild. Chason Matthams is a graduate of the Fine Arts Department atNew York University, where he is currently pursuing his MFA degree. He has shown his artwork in galleries from New York to San Francisco.*I received Quickly the Magic Spatula and Quickly’s Magical Pancake Adventure in order to facilitate an honest review. The opinions, where expressed, are my own and were in no way influenced by the sponsor. Others experiences may vary.
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