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5 Tips to Personalizing Your Flex Space

If you recently bought a home and set up the various rooms, you could be curious about what to do with that mysterious flex space. In the world of commercial real estate, flex space is often used for offices or warehouses.

However, how do you use flex space in your home? There are many ways for you to use flex space for various purposes. If you’re not sure how to consider these five tips that can help you make the most of this unique area of your home:

Set up an added room.

Your home may have enough space for your family, but what about a guest room? Who’s to say you can’t set up your flex space as a guest area, where loved ones and friends can have a relaxing space to stay when needed. From setting it up with a comfortable memory foam mattress to installing space dividers for privacy, if the space needs them, you can benefit from the extra area in your home by making it a welcoming place for any loved one who may visit, say the experts at Layla Sleep.

Create a home gym.

Another option could be to set up a great home gym, perfect for when you may not be able to make it to your own, suggests Max Pro Fitness. If the pandemic taught us something through the multiple #challenge videos posted on social media, a home gym is always a good idea. This can work with large and small flex spaces, depending on what you need in workout equipment. From yoga mats to home treadmills, there are various options for setting up a gym at home that you can get a lot of use.

Small gym arranged in white room at home

Make it a lounge space.

Whether you make it into a bar or some sort of space for game night, a lounge area could be the perfect spot for hosting guests while leaving the main living room untouched by the “mess” of an evening soiree. Some may want a man cave while others want a special area for ladies’ wine night—either way, a flex space is perfect for hosting your friends for special occasions.

It could be extra storage.

Perhaps you need extra storage, especially if you’re hoping to use your garage as an actual garage where you’ll fit your cars. You can set up dividers to hide the storage or invest in quality cabinets and cupboards to hide the things you want to keep but don’t always need. While you may be trying to live the “minimal lifestyle,” chances are you could benefit from a little extra space for anything from your bikes to your favorite photos and items passed on through generations, says Muji.

Reading space.

If you’re an avid reader, you may not even have enough space to keep all of your books. That is unless you make your flex space a reading area, complete with the most comfortable reading sofas or seats, as well as charming lighting and everything that would make the area an inviting one where you could escape with a favorite book. It could even have a coffee maker, and if there are windows in your flex space, you’ll have the most idyllic reading space of all time.

In Conclusion

If you have a flex space, it could serve you well in more ways than one. When it comes to open, extra space, the possibilities are endless. Consider these above-mentioned tips if you need some ideas to get you started on what you could use your flex space for.

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