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The Charms Of Camping And Glamping

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If you are new to camping, then you might have not heard of this buzzword called ‘glamping’ before. We all know what camping is — spending the night out in the wilderness with only the bare essentials with you. It is easy to recall the adventures and thrills that camping offers but what if you don’t want to trade that experience for proper comfort? While camping can be fun, it also often requires campers to tough it out with unpredictable weather and other known risks such as wildlife and campfires. Here is where glamping comes in. For those who wish to experience the great outdoors within the comfort of their own home, glamping is a great alternative for people who just want to relax or have family members that require more attention such as children and pets. The expert camper brings you through some of the differences below!

What is glamping?

As the word itself suggests, glamping is a mix of two words — ‘glamorous’ and ‘camping’; and as it implies, it consists of traditional camping along with any luxurious comforts that one might like to add on to the experience. It also exists on a spectrum, from having some comforts of basic amenities such as hot water and a running shower, to really feeling like you are staying in a five-star hotel. Most people are quite content having just the basic comforts, which can help to elevate the traditional camping experience. While some people might decide to kick it up a notch for special occasions such as anniversaries or birthdays. It really depends on the kind of glamping you would like to experience.

What is the difference?

The big difference when it comes to glamping is the level of comfort that one gets to enjoy during their camping trip. The main idea of camping still remains, which is to spend the night in the great outdoors and take a break from the hustle and bustle of one’s everyone life. Some people might choose to glamp not just for the extra comfort, but also the unique experiences that only glamping can provide such as indulging in spa-like showers or staying overnight in unique accommodations such as safari tents and yurts. While camping will always remain a fulfilling experience, there is no denying that there are only some things you can experience through glamping.

For people who want to glamp on their own without the help of an established glamping location, special equipment such as inflation beds and gourmet cooking gear can be considered. You might even want to set up some rugs and storage places for your shoes if you are planning to glamp over a few days. Some people might indulge in decorating their glamping tents as well, hanging fairy lights and bringing along their favourite items from home to better the experience. At the end of the day, it is your camping experience, so we believe in doing it the way you like.

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The basics of glamping

So how does one start glamping? If you are looking to book out a nice glamping location for a getaway trip, there is always the option to book a professional service. Not only do these services help to plan all the details and activities, they can also suggest unique experiences depending on the travelling season. All you need to do is kick back, relax and enjoy the great outdoors. For those who want a touch of adventure, fret not as glamping services also offer exciting activities ranging from hiking to zip-lining. And at the end of the day, you can always indulge in some of their post-hike foot soaks prepared by the glamping host if that floats your boat.

If you are on a budget, there is also the option of renting a glamping location rather than hiring a service to organise everything for you. There are many types of accommodation options such as yurts and trailers for you to choose and suit your budget. There are also classic options such as lodges and cabins for people who seek the comfort of traditional houses.

Maybe you want to plan everything by yourself and seek out a more comfortable camping experience. Then there is always the option of choosing to glamp by yourself. Not only will you be the most flexible in the way that you glamp, you can also choose what kind of comforts you would like to indulge in. We recommend bringing along useful and fun accessories that can help to improve the ordinary camping experience such as unique cooking gear or bringing along inflation home furnishings.

Glamping tips and tricks

While there are many options available when it comes to glamping, there are some essential items that most glampers would bring along on their next trip. This includes having a comfortable bed to end the day in. Not only will it feel like you are sleeping on a cloud, you will also wake up to the sounds of nature and spectacular views depending on the location. One may also consider bringing along a hammock for interesting afternoon naps under the trees. If you really want to kick it up a notch, we also recommend bringing along furnishings from your home such as rugs and other decorations. These items such as LED lighting and lamps can really help to create a special ambiance, which can help to make the experience all the more memorable and even more so if it is a special occasion. If you are glamping with a group of people such as loved ones and friends, it does not hurt to prepare a lounge area where everyone can relax and chat in the comfort. Bringing along a foldable table can also be convenient if everyone is dining together.


While glamping may seem quite different from camping, the main goal of these activities still remain similar — which is to enjoy the great outdoors and have a good time. There is no harm in trying to elevate or improve your camping experience with a few additional comforts. And not to forget, glamping can offer some unique and unforgettable experiences as well!

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