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A List of 5 Plants From Your Garden That Will Help you Lose Weight

For anyone looking to lose weight, the options can sometimes be confusing. The internet is full of advice and differing answers, and bookshops have numerous publications listing diets from keto to the raw diet.

There are many simple ways to adjust your eating habits and improve your health though. Sometimes the simplest ones can be just changing the way you eat, the time you eat, or by replacing some items for others.

You may not realize that your garden could hold a few plants that could help you achieve your goals. And even if you don’t have a thriving vegetable and herb garden, many of these plants are easy to grow.

Does losing weight mean having better health?

Losing excess weight and reducing fat can play a meaningful part in improving the physical health of any individual.

One study on Everyday Health has shown that women losing 5 percent of their body weight can lessen the risk of cancer. Other benefits include reducing blood pressure, cutting the risk of heart disease and stroke.

There will also be less chance of developing diabetes, and you could also improve your general wellbeing. Losing weight can seriously improve self-esteem, and change your sleep patterns for the better.

Can plants really help you to lose weight?

The term ‘plant’ could be confusing for some as they may automatically think of shrubs and other types of flora. However, vegetables and fruits are part of plants. When you hear the words plant diet mentioned, it will be in reference to a vegetarian diet.

Many plants are believed to help with fat reduction. Some do this by increasing the individual’s metabolism, and others by other methods. According to WebMD, drinking black and green tea could help with some modest weight loss. Unfortunately, most people don’t grow tea in their backyard.

Below are some of the plants easily grown in a garden that may help with weight loss.

1) Chilies

These fiery little fruits are believed to contain a chemical compound that can help to burn off body fat. They are also said to reduce appetite, although that might just be because the person eating them’s mouth is on fire.

Similarly, cayenne pepper contains capsaicin, which is also believed to aid in burning off body fat. There is some belief that chilies have inflammatory properties and can help reduce the chance of heart disease.

2) Mint

One way to reduce your calorie intake and lose weight is to remove the sugary, milky coffee drinks. Mint can be used to make a refreshing drink that will also help to detoxify your body.

The herb is known to be a natural way to rid the body of toxins and to improve digestion. Mix mint with hot water and lime and enjoy. If you replace one calorie-laden drink with this you will already be making strides towards your ideal weight.

Mint Plant

3) Cucumber

Is it a fruit or is it a vegetable? Well, it’s usually referred to as a vegetable because of how it is used but it is technically a fruit. For your purposes, all you need to know is that it can help you to lose weight.

It can be a struggle to lose weight and often people end up bingeing after doing well for a while. You could try casting a weight loss spell and using some white magic to help things along. Belief can be a powerful thing, so a spell may help. Other methods include using healthy snacks.

Cucumbers don’t have any magical chemical properties, but they are a great snack for curbing hunger as they contain few calories and a lot of water.

4) Dandelion

The combination of dandelion and burdock has been enjoyed in Great Britain for centuries. Although most of the rest of the world may be unaware, one of the reasons for the drink’s popularity is its health properties.


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