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7 Simple Ways to Change Your Eating Habits for the Better

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We eat to live.

A good eating habit prolongs our living, whereas a bad one shortens it.

Now, would you want to reduce your lifespan?

Certainly, not!

Well, change your eating habits if they go against your sustenance.

You have already heard a lot about the harms of bad eating habits. Still, the mouth-watering cheese-burgers and chicken fries of McDonald’s or KFC allure you too much. No problem, treat yourself but don’t over treat.

With this written piece, I would like to present you 7 simple ways that can help you defy the appeal of the foods badly affect your health.

better eating habits

1. Make a Plan for a Better Eating Habit

See, you can’t change your eating habits for the better overnight. You have to make a plan on eating practices with a firm determination. Try to follow it every day. Gradually, replace the food items harmful to your health, with those that are good for your health. In the course of time, a good eating habit will grow in you without your notice.

How about making a diet plan jointly with your beloved one over a cup of fresh coffee?

Sounds marvelous, doesn’t it?

While you do the diet plan, consider the likings and disliking of your spouse and children along with yours.

However, while planning the change in eating habits, you need to focus on the following points.

  • Weekdays and weekend
  • Lunch at Office
  • Eating out with Buddies
  • Eating at Parties
  • Kids’ School Time
  • Entertaining Guests at Home
  • Food value
  • Contra-effect to health

Based on the above points, you have to fix the food items you and your family members will eat. Herein, the items must vary as per the need for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

One point you have to note. The amount of food will vary depending on the time you take to eat.

At breakfast- you have to eat profoundly as you will work for an extended period until lunch. However, the foods should have enough carbohydrates to supply energy throughout your body. Many individuals don’t eat breakfast. They just get up from the bed, rush to their workplaces and starve until lunch. Trust me, it is an injurious habit.

At lunch- you have to eat moderately as you have a little period to work again. Besides, if you lunch squarely, you may feel sleepy and can’t work properly.

At dinner time- you need to take a light meal as you will go to sleep within a short period.

If you take a heavy dinner, the extra food than usual, will remain deposited in your stomach and may cause indigestion. This will happen because, when you are in sleep, your body cells undergo a repairing and rebuilding process. It is natural and essential to re-energize you for working in a new cycle. Besides, during sleep, no physical movement occurs, so your metabolism process runs less compared to the period you are awake.


  1. Be Mindful in the Kitchen & Grocery Shopping

be mindful when grocery shopping

While you go for kitchen and grocery shopping, be attentive to picking the high-nutrient items. Buy proteins and whole grains as much as needed. You can buy rice, flour as less as possible since they contain colossal carbohydrate, which can make you fat easily.

For keeping a healthy heart, avoid red meat like pork and beef. However, to fill up the need of the protein, you can pick lean red meat of buffalo or ostrich or deer as you like.

As a complementary source of protein, you can put lobster in your shopping cart. It helps you avoid inflammation and protect you from pimples.

You have must pick vegetables like tomato, cucumber, broccoli for making salad dishes. Kale is another veggie, which can fill up your iron need. It helps you keep your skin fresh and younger looking

Don’t forget to select fresh and green fruits. Fruits like pomegranates, watermelon, blueberries, and walnuts have high food values.

Oh, another item, milk. You must keep it in your diet. It’s an ideal food with much laxative power. Taking a glass of hot (luke-warm) milk at night, helps you clean the bowels.

For edible oil, pick rice bran type. It has low cholesterol and fat. You can keep your cardiovascular system healthy using this oil in cooking foods.

  1. Make a Fitness Routine

Young woman rides bicycle in the park

Have you thought of the need for a fitness routine?

You need to make a fitness regime for changing your eating habits for the better.

Cycling can be the most suitable fun sport for you, as it proves the same for most people. It can help you as an influential factor to grow a good eating habit.

Pick your bicycle and go for cycling in the morning or evening, you will become much tired and hungry. Eat a substantial breakfast, have nutritious items prepared at your home.

Another significant benefit cycling gives; you can melt your body fat, burn enough calories. Consequently, you can lose your overweight and have a slim body. You will feel cheerful and much confident while you hit the workplace. So, what’s next?

  1. Drink Enough Water Throughout the Day

stay hydrated

Drink enough water throughout the day. If you drink water by a small amount very often, you will get a feeling that the stomach is not so empty. So, when you sit for eating, a moderate amount of food will suffice your hunger.

Water helps you a lot to digest food efficiently. Drinking enough water daily, you can keep constipation or any colorectal ailment away from your doors. It cleans your bowels and quickly supplies oxygen to your brain.

  1. Bring Lunch from Your Home

healthy living

You can take your meal at noon with a lunch brought from your home. It will help you avoid junk food and cheesy burgers or pizza.

By chance, you may forget to bring lunch from home; you may have to buy lunch from outside. In this case, think yourself for a few minutes. Decide which food items you will take and at which restaurant. Here, you got to stick firm with your choice. Otherwise, you may unconsciously place an order for some items those are not health-friendly.

  1. Order First When Eating Out With Buddies

While you are out to eat with your friends, order the waiter first by yourself. With this strategy, you can choose the food items those are of low fat and health-giving. If any other options arise, try to refute them with your sound logic of choice.

Every individual is now aware of the curse of overweight. So, probably you won’t have to try hard to convince your buddies with the items you select.

  1. Get Enough Sleep

get enough sleep

Sleep works as a natural tonic to our health. It plays a vital role in re-energizing us to exert again after being tired of working.

You need a sound sleep after the toiling and moiling of your body in the workplace. When you are in lack of sleep, you eat more and not choose items either health-giving or health-affecting. With inadequate sleep, the metabolism process of your stomach doesn’t work properly. As a result, it causes indigestion. More so, the functions of hunger controlling hormones hamper, and you lose the appetite.

Due to lack of sleep, your body can’t finish its cell-repairing and rebuilding function. It demands a rest. That’s why you have to sleep at least for seven to eight hours daily. However, a marathon sleep affects badly to your health.

The Wrap Up

Most of the life-threatening diseases attack us due to our ways of eating, unfavorable to our health. It needs a change.

Lots of things exist around you to taste, feel, watch and enjoy. But for this, you need a sound health in the first place. You can easily maintain a healthy life or regain vigorous health altering your eating habits. Your strong determination in this regard is the first gear and you have to make it.

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