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The Best 4 Things to See in Philadelphia Via a Party Bus

Touring the city of Philadelphia by bus can be exciting. It will allow you to access more than 100 attractions throughout the city in a short amount of time. Philadelphia is rich in history, so traveling in double-decker buses will enable you to share the city’s history. Notice that plenty of sightseeing tour buses provide commentaries to allow the riders to follow proceedings. This article looks at the four things you must see on your tour of Philadelphia by bus.

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The Best 4 Things to See in Philadelphia Via a Party Bus

  1. The Independence Hall

The hall is the birthplace of the United States of America. It is the place where the US constitution was adopted. Also, it is where the Declaration of America as an independent state was made. The building was constructed in 1753. Initially, it served as the capital of Pennsylvania up to 1799, when the capital was moved to Lancaster. During that time, it served as the constitutional convention site. For instance, in 1915, it hosted a convention in which the formation of the League of Nations to enforce peace was announced. The meeting gave birth to the United Nations and the League of Nations. To date, the building is listed as a world heritage site and is part of a national historical park.

  1. The Liberty Bell

It is an iconic symbol you will see as you travel by bus in Philadelphia. The historical bell has been used for many years to symbolize American freedom. The bell was rung when the declaration of independence was signed on July 8th, 1776. It was also rung to summon all the citizens to assemble and hear the first reading of the declaration of independence. In 1951, the bell was ordered to commemorate 50 years of Pennsylvania’s original constitution. The constitution mainly focused on rights and freedoms. So the bell was associated with rights and freedom. The bell was later adopted as a symbol by abolitionists who wanted to bring the slave trade to an end.

  1. Franklin Square

It was laid out by William Penn in his earlier plan for Philadelphia. It is believed that William Penn laid out the land in 1682. It was initially used for grazing pasture and as a cattle and horse market. At some point, it served as a burial ground and a drill ground for the American military. Currently, it offers an urban green space and refreshing areas on the 8-acre piece of land. It boasts of friendly attractions for parents and kids. Also, the piece of land houses Franklin Square Fountain, which was built in 1838.

  1. The Magic Gardens

It is Philadelphia’s art and gallery space made of mosaics and labyrinths. It is a non-profit making organization and the largest artwork created by a mosaic artist. The materials used to make the collections include old bike wheels, tiles, and many more. The garden has an interesting history. Isaiah bought it in 1994. He also purchased the adjacent lots in 2002 and decorated it with his artwork. The garden opened its doors to the public in 2008.

You may want to see many other places while on a party bus in Philadelphia, but the independence hall and liberty bell rank high. If time allows, consider visiting the Magical Garden and the exciting Franklin Square.

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