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3 Things That Keep Freelancers Up at Night

If you’re thinking about freelancing yourself (or already are), it is essential to understand some of the more anxiety-inducing issues that freelancers face – and how to cope with them:

Freelancing may sound like a dream initially, but just like any job, it can be challenging. The flexibility and freedom that freelancing provides come at a price, and it can be very stressful to the point of keeping you up at night.

3 Things That Keep Freelancers Up at Night

Flexibility and Freedom that Come with Freelancers May Come at a Price

  • Unstable income flow

Unlike a normal job where you know how much you’ll be getting in your paycheck at the end of the month, there is no such guarantee if you’re a freelancer. In some months, you may have a full plate and be forced to turn down jobs. In others, however, there may be a complete lack of work.

Because your income will vary a lot, you need to take steps to manage it. Be sure to set some aside in savings so that you can cope with dry months and not get too stressed out that you can’t seem to find work.

  • Coping with rejection

No matter how good you may be at what you do, you will get rejected – that is a certainty.

At some point or other, you may pitch to a client only to find that they don’t feel you’d be a good fit, your rates don’t line up with their budget, or they just don’t like your pitch. That rejection can hurt, but you need to learn how to take it in stride.

The best way to cope with rejection is to immediately put it behind you, and move on to try to find your next job.

  • Handling dissatisfied clients

Dealing with dissatisfied clients can be one of the most stressful aspects of freelancing. It is important not to take it personally but to try instead to see if you can help reassure or make them satisfied.

The use of employee monitoring software such as WorkExaminer could provide an easy start. It will let clients actually ‘see’ the work that you’re doing – either in terms of your online and computer activity or by capturing screenshots.

For demanding clients that are on a deadline, offering the option of using WorkExaminer as a way to track your progress could help alleviate their concerns. It will also make them less likely to react badly if any issues crop up, as they will be able to see the work that has been put in.

Overall, WorkExaminer can help freelancers operate more smoothly due to the data it can provide clients. It will allow clients to monitor progress, ensure deadlines are being met, and make it easy to report on the work status or invoice for it.

Suggesting to your clients that WorkExaminer be used can help build trust, especially initially. That, in turn, could help you to enter productivity boost zones, land more jobs, and reduce your stress levels further

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