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3 Carpet Cleaning Tips

Everybody needs a warm and comfortable home. Including a carpet in your home only increases more warmth to your home. You would wish to lay down at any time without any doubt. You don’t want to have a stained carpet when your friends or family comes over.

To achieve this, you need to ensure that your carpet stays clean and spotless. Create that wonderful environment for you and your guests.

Below are three tips to use when you wash your carpet.

High Angle View Of A Person Wearing Gloves Cleaning Spilled Coffee On Carpet With Sponge

1.  Don’t rub on the stain

How many times have you rubbed stains on your carpet? A lot, isn’t it? It is always tempting to do so, but we do it wrong.

The first option you could use is blotting. Depending on the stain, take a clean rug and put in your preferred carpet cleaning substance. Press from the outside to the inside to put some pressure on the stained area. The stain will fade out; afterward, you can wash your carpet.

If regular cleaners don’t work, baking soda is an option. Pour some baking soda on some cloth or rag and blot. The stain should appear lighter. Repeat the same process a few more times till the stain is over. You can then proceed with your normal cleaning process. Baking soda keeps harsh chemicals away. You get barred from using harmful chemicals for you and your carpet.

Moreover, when you don’t get pleasing results, you may use water and some vinegar. Mix vinegar on a 1:1 with water. Pour the solution into a hand spray bottle. Spray the solution onto the stained area to make it dump. Leave it for a few minutes. Take a clean dry sponge to soak all the solution and rinse the area with clean, dry water.

Also, you could go for hot water extraction. It involves passing water throughout the fiber of the carpet. The hot water removes soil and stains. Hot water cleaning kills germs since the water is usually at high temperatures (50 to 150 degrees Celsius). There are a lot of carpet cleaners doing this. However, hot water extraction should not be done when dealing with small stains.

2. Know what your carpet is made of

Many people assume that cleaning of all carpets is the same. After all, it is a carpet; what’s the worst that can happen? However, this should not be the case. Carpets are made of different materials, and each material should judge the method you use.

For some carpets, you can’t use very strong chemicals. They will destroy your carpet and even burn your carpet. Others will get bleached and cause long-lasting stains.

Other carpets only need gentle rags when cleaning. When you use hard brushes for such carpets, you will destroy them. Some fabric may start coming off, leaving your carpet looking ugly.

Also, other carpets need tough handling. This means that you should have very tough materials to clean. When you handle such carpets with tender care, you may get unexpected results when cleaning them.

Furthermore, some carpets require carpet cleaners, while others need only hand washing.

Furthermore, you should consider the color of the carpet. Nowadays carpets come in any color you like, what you need you can get. While cleaning, you should know other colors don’t work well with some cleaning chemicals. If you don’t take this keenly, you may bleach your carpet or destroy your washing area.

3. Stick to a regular cleaning schedule

Don’t wait for your carpet to get extremely dirty so that you get it washed. Some tiny particles accumulate to form the dirt that you see. These little particles are the causes of some funny allergic reactions.

Make carpet cleaning a regular thing to reduce the burden of getting tired once it gets extremely dirty.

Regular carpet cleaning has its benefits:

Saves time:

When you have carpet cleaning in your schedule, you reduce the need to spend a lot of time cleaning thoroughly.

Saves money:

Regular carpet cleaning saves money since it can be done at home because the carpet is fairly clean. On the other hand, when you wait for a long period, you may be required to hire or take it to carpet cleaners.

Reduce allergic reactions:

Regular carpet cleaning is great since many allergies caused by dirt are reduced. A lot of risks of getting respiratory infections are also reduced.

Reduce the risk of getting molds:

Carpet can be a ground for mold growth. When you practice regular cleaning, you provide time for air circulation. That means that the area covered by the carpet gets air, and any moisture can escape, if any.


A clean carpet is a dream for everybody. You want your guests to feel welcomed whenever they enter your house. One way to do this is by using the tips above when cleaning your carpet.

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