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10 Reasons I Want to Visit Virginia Beach

Let’s face it, I’m stuck in the desert. Mind you, I’m not complaining. I love Utah. Our state has a diverse landscape from green mountains to red rolling sand. It’s where I call home. This is not to say I don’t want to leave the Utah borders and venture into the world far different from my year-round habitat. I’m thinking Virginia Beach would be nice.

Just think about it.

First and foremost, Virginia Beach is approximately 2,253 miles from my home. That’s a lot of change of scenery right there! I’m not even opposed to driving! I’m not even going to let the fact that Virginia Beach is the largest city in Virginia, with a population of approximately 425,000 and an area of 497.3 square miles stop me.  It’s significantly larger than the 186,460 folks I call neighbors here in Salt Lake City.

Second on my list of reasons I want to visit Virginia Beach…and it’s a big one…Hello, Guinness Book of World Records. Who doesn’t love something that is bigger, better and made it into the Guinness Book of World Records? I sure do! Virginia Beach is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as having the longest pleasure beach in the world…that’s right, People! The. World. Not that this isn’t a feat, but it is also the home of Gary Duschel, who holds the world record for the longest gum wrapper chain record. The gum-wrapper chain stretches 8.13-miles, nearly one-quarter of the 38-mile shoreline along Virginia Beach. Holy chewing!

Bald Cyprus Knees

Bald Cyprus Knees along the Bald Cyprus Trail

Of course with 425,000 people, it comes as no surprise that the place I’d love to camp, go swimming, hiking, biking, boating, fishing, and even enjoy a spontaneous picnic, First Landing State Park ( is the most visited State Park in Virginia. With  2,888 acres, I’m feeling confident there’s gonna be some wide-open spaces.

King Neptune #VZWLife #Icon

While typically, I foo-foo at the very things out of China, I’m ready to lay my eyes on the King Neptune statue located at the Boardwalk on 31st Steet. There’s no doubt that remains that King Neptune is a powerful man–his statue alone is 34 feet high.  Paul DiPasquale created this beauty and King Neptune’s statue was cast in bronze in, that’s right China!

I am a big Survivor fan, and Rudy Boesch (Pulau Tiga) calls Virginia Beach home. He is the oldest contestant ever on Survivor at 72 years and he brought home third place. Perhaps it was Rudy that inspired the 90’s movie,  Navy SEALs, starring Charlie Sheen, before his “winning” days, to do most of its filming in Virginia Beach and the surrounding areas.

I have a history buff that I live with and Virginia Beach embraces his hobby. It’s home to the Adam Thoroughgood House (Virginia Beach History). Adam Thoroughgood was a prominent man who helped settle South Hampton Roads, or as we call it today, Virginia Beach! Visiting here will be like a step back in time.

There’s a chance I may get homesick. It’s good to know that UPS headquarters are located in Virginia Beach. I sorta dig my UPS delivery guy!

HP and R5 with an amazing view

In our lazy moments, we lounge on the couch and watch the Discovery Channel, we also read Southern Living, USA Today, and Coastal Living Magazine. All of them have named the 28-foot-wide Virginia Beach Boardwalk among the TOP in “Best American Boardwalks”. I’ve seen the movie Beaches, and I want to experience that life! Nightly entertainment, monuments, play areas, walking, and, of course, the view of the Atlantic Ocean. I really wanna visit!

sunprotection zone

My brother-in-law surfs the waves of Davenport in California, near Santa Cruz. It’s awesome. Virginia Beach is home to the annual East Coast Surfing Championships. Eat your heart out, Brother sounds like they really DO have waves in that OTHER ocean!

These are just a few reasons I want to visit Virginia Beach. It’s a happening place. Now, I just have to decide if I’m inviting the family!

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