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The Residence Inn Virginia Beach Oceanfront #RIFamily

Sometimes life calls for a little rest and relaxation.

A place where you can just be yourself with people you love.

No schedules.

No rush.

Just vacation.

The Residence Inn understands this and invited my family to stay with them at Virginia Beach in their Oceanfront hotel.

After a 4.5 hour drive, we arrived.

The weather was perfect for the beach.

#RIFamily Residence Inn Oceanfront

With Valet parking, there’s no need to stress about where to park.

Just pull up and let the friendly staff take care of the rest.

Inside the Residence Inn Oceanfront lobby, I was greeted by Julian who asked about the journey there, where we were from and above all else, welcomed us into the #RIFamily.

I helped myself to some ice-cold cucumber water.

It was refreshing!

This was also a great way to get my kiddos to hydrate, they couldn’t help but get a glass every time they walked by!

#RIFamily Water in Lobby

With an easy check-in, we headed for the elevator and punched in our floor. Number 9.

#RIFamily elevator

Out of the elevator, the first thing I noticed in the long hallway leading to our room was the light!

It was incredible.

Floor to ceiling windows formed the outside wall of the hallway letting in beautiful light that just flooded the hallway!

#RIFamily hallway

Each floor of the Residence Inn Oceanfront in Virginia Beach houses six amazing rooms.

Queens are in the middle with Kings on the outside.

#RIFamily Lobby decor

Here we are. Room 903.

#RIFamily room 903

In the past two years, Residence Inn has done an overhaul of their hotels and updated to chic colors and decor.

I love the colors, a deep coral, and a foamy teal.

It is the perfect “beach” theme for this location.

And the textures were awesome!

#RIFamily front door

Each room has its own door.

My children thought this really added to the “home away from home” feel.

Our door.

Our room.

So? I invite you to step through our door here at 903 and see the features and amenities that really make the Residence Inn a home away from home.

#RIFamily kitchen dining room#RIFamily front door

Through the door, the kitchen is to the left.

It is equipped with all the necessities…stovetop, microwave, full-size sink, refrigerator, dishes and more.

There’s popcorn on the table, along with tea.

A table that seats four, making dinner or lunch an easy-in-room experience.

#RIFamily Fill My Fridge

One of the most awesome features offered by Residence Inn is the “Fill My Fridge”.

On the table in the room, you’ll find a card like the one above.

Fill it out with your grocery list and turn it into the front desk by 9 am and they’ll grocery stock for you and fill your fridge.

The service is complimentary, however, you do pay for the groceries.

When I spoke to Sherry Swenson, Residence Inn HouseKeeping, she told me if you have booked a room with Residence Inn you can call ahead and request this service.

It’s such a great service to have your families favorites in your room without leaving the hotel or worrying about things going bad in the cooler on the way to your vacation.

Beyond the kitchen and dining area, there is a small table with a lamp that was perfect for my laptop.

It serves as a divider between the kitchen area and the living area.

#RIFamily living area

Then there is the living room which features a television, sofa (that converts to a bed), a chair, coffee table, end tables, and comfort!

#RIFamily Sleeper Sofa

Again, I love the color theme.

It was incredibly relaxing and everything offered light.

#RIFamily Radio Disney Awards

We made ourselves at home here.

Miss M even enjoyed the Radio Disney Awards from the couch–she has a thing for R5!

The living area also served as a great area to just unwind.

It was our gathering place, just as our living room is at home. Li’l Man enjoyed Mind Craft on our HP 360 Pavillion, using the hotels FREE WiFi!

#RIFamily free WiFi

It was a great place for us to just relax and share our day’s adventures with one another.

#RIFamily balcony

The living room ends with a sliding glass door that opens to a Private Balcony overlooking the Virginia Beach Oceanfront and the Atlantic Ocean.

It was my favorite area to sit.

#RIFamily bedroom

Off the living area is the bedroom.

Our room features two queen beds, however, the Virginia Beach Oceanfront Hotel also offers a King sized bedroom as well.

#RIFamily bed

The bedding is crisp and bright white.

The bedspread was soft and kept us warm even with the air conditioning running on high!

#RIFamily floor to ceiling windows

The bedroom also offers an incredible floor to ceiling window that brings the ocean right up to the room!

Even Bailey Mae was amazed at the view!

#RIFamily vanity

Off the bedroom is a vanity area that features a full-sized closet and sink, drawers as well as a blow dryer.

I loved that the drawers had extra towels!

#RIFamily Paul Mitchell and Tea Tree Products

Residence Inn Oceanfront features Paul Mitchell Shampoo and Conditioner to keep your hair looking and smelling it’s best!

They also have this amazing Tea Tree Lemon Sage body lotion.

#RIFamily bathroom

Through the vanity is the bathroom with tiled floors, a bathtub/shower.

The shower was awesome.

It offered a powerful spray of water and the temperature was perfect!

#RIFamily Pet Friendly

Residence Inn Oceanfront is the only pet-friendly, extended-stay hotel in the Virginia Beach resort area.

It was great to bring our furry family member Bailey Mae.

There were many other pets in the hotel.

It was quiet and the pets were treated as well as the guests!

While the room was spacious and nice, we ventured into the hotel throughout the day and evening.

It has a lot of great amenities.

#RIFamily Coffee Station

My favorite was the 24-hour coffee and tea bar!

My kiddos have far more energy than me so it was great to just stroll by on our way out to the beach and grab a cup of Joe.

Plus they have an amazing selection of coffee creamers–I had to try them ALL!

#RIFamily Gathering area

The children enjoyed the Gathering Room.

It was a quiet retreat.

There is a small desk here with a computer and printer to use as well.

#RIFamily Gathering Room Game Storage

Sherry Swenson, head of housekeeping at the Residence Inn Oceanfront, took me on a tour of the hotel and one of the things the kiddos thought was just awesome was the hidden storage area, where there is a full stock of games and puzzles!

Across from the Gathering Room is the dining area.

#RIFamily dining area

We loved our time here in the mornings.

It was the perfect place to read a complimentary newspaper and catch up on the news locally and globally.

#RIFamily Complimentary Newspapers

They also offer a hot breakfast buffet.

The kiddos love making their own waffles.

#RIFamily Breakfast Buffet

And then topping them with deliciousness like strawberries, walnuts, whipped cream, maple syrup, and mini chocolate chips!

#RIFamily Waffles

I enjoyed the eggs that had sides for topping to customize them to suit your liking.

There was bacon, sausage, biscuits, and gravy as well as fresh fruit and juice!

#RIFamily breakfast

If you don’t feel like eating in and want to enjoy fresh air, there is a small dining area outback.

#RIFamily Outdoor Seating

In addition to the hot breakfast bar, during the week, Monday and Wednesday, Residence Inn Oceanfront offers get-togethers that include dining.

There are themed foods, like “Taco Night” and Wednesday is usually a BBQ  on the back patio.

Guests may also use the BBQ grill located outback during their stay!!

The hotel offers a weight room, which I did not use.

I know!

I know!

#RIFamily pool

In the evenings when it got chilly outside, the kiddos made their way to the hotel pool.

They enjoyed the water’s temperature.

#RIFamily Laundry Room

The hotel offers a laundry mat inside the hotel lobby where you can refresh your clothes before heading home, or even extending your stay!

#RIFamily Oceanfront Virginia Beach

The Residence Inn Oceanfront is RIGHT. On. The. Beach.

As in you walk out the back door, and there is the boardwalk and across the boardwalk is the sand!

Yeah, that was really impressive.

King Neptune

Within two blocks of the hotel, along the boardwalk, there is the King Neptune statue.

We could see it from our balcony.

There are a lot of local attractions within walking distance or a short drive from the hotel, however, we spent most of our time, just enjoying the beach!

#RIFamily beach

and the amazing sunrise!

#RIFamily sunrise

If you’re looking for a vacation–whether it’s on the road or simply a staycation in your hometown, Residence Inn offers an experience of home away from home with spectacular views, amenities, and outstanding hospitality.

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