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Moon Dough Magic Zoo

 Wind-Up Some Animal Fun

Spin Master has created Moon Dough, the coolest molding compound ever! It’s like playing with marshmallows that aren’t sticky! Add to this incredible dough a molding activity, like  Moon Dough’s Magic Zoo, and hours of fun are in store!

Li’l Man was the first to sit at the table and set up the Moon Dough Magic Zoo. It was simple enough that he did it alone, including the stickers. I love that! Each kit comes with the Zoo Entry, stickers to give the gate more life, three packs of Moon Dough (white, orange, and purple), a fence mold, two wind-up feet and three different animal molds (gorilla, penguin, and bear).

Moon Dough Magic Zoo

Then the Divine Miss M joined him and together they discovered they could make animals that actually walk! They spent an hour and a half filling the molds with Moon Dough and then turning the lever, which winds the feet. Once they heard “click”, the door pops open and the zoo animal walks out! It was hilarious fun and as they perfected the molding, they began interchanging the molds making some pretty outrageous critters!

The Moon Dough is incredible not only to use, but the details it produces are stunning. Take a look at Li’l Man’s gorilla!

Moon Dough Magic Zoo Gorilla

When Zac woke up, he couldn’t resist playing with it either, so the four of us sat together and created Moon Dough animals. It was a great afternoon! We did experience some delays occasionally where the door wouldn’t pop open to release the animal. We determined this to be due to having too much moon dough in the mold.

When we were done, it was time to put it away. The Divine Miss M is great about taking care of things. Li’l Man? Not so much. With Moon Dough I don’t have to worry about if he closed the lid because Moon Dough NEVER dries out! As an added bonus, it doesn’t get mashed into the floor or make a giant mess–just take a ball of Moon Dough and press it gently on the “crumbs” and it cleans up with ease!

Moon Dough is also hypoallergenic and wheat-free!

While the kiddos were creating animals, I was in charge of fence building. The fence mold is soft enough you can twist it just a tad and the fence pops right out. We were even impressed that the fence pieces interlock making it a secure habitat for newly created zoo animals!

Best for children three years and older, Moon Dough and the Magic Zoo activity will delight!

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