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10 Common Misconceptions About Window Replacement

Window replacement is a major decision for your household. Here are some general misconceptions about the process.

Replacement windows change home structure

In most cases, changing the structure and the lines of the building are completely unnecessary. Window replacement manufacturers do tend to install replacement windows within the given space.

Vinyl is the only option

As it is the most popular choice in window replacement, it is far from the only one. Clad or wood windows are growing in popularity and fiberglass windows are always what buyers are interested in because of their insulator abilities.

U-value is the most important feature

U-value stands for the amount of the heat transferred through a window. The smaller the U-value is, the less heat goes out. However important the feature is, only by combining it with light transmittance and Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC), can you evaluate the full quality of the window.

Replacement windows are ugly

It is a matter of opinion, but replacement windows do tend to follow the same, slightly boxy pattern. However, manufacturers today are trying their best for bringing new ideas to the table and provide the best looking possible window frames.

Window Replacement


Anyone can do it

Not true. Hire professionals and let them do their job. If you value the best quality of living, you should certainly consider the service.

Extremely expensive

You don’t have to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars. Make sure that you evaluate both cost and value, and consider hiring the company that could be pricier but will ensure you no mistakes in installment.

All companies have the same warranty

Before choosing the company of your liking, you should be certain at their precise offer. Check the amount of time that the warranty covers and also the price because they differ from one window installment company to another.

Old wood windows mean larger heating bills

Having an old wood window does not immediately mean a drafty and inefficiently installed window. A newly placed double-glazed window with best qualities is sometimes not that much better in preserving heat than a properly installed wooden window.

Replacement windows are a ‘greener’ choice

Don’t be misled by the label of numerous companies. Your concern about energy savings can be resolved by a properly installed and maintained wood window far better than a vinyl or an upgraded wood window of some new technology.

Old wood windows rot and contain lead

With proper installment and maintaining, even old wood windows work. Besides, homes can be properly de-leaded, by a professional, following the correct guidelines.



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