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Wuggle Pets Come To Life At Your Child’s Hands Review

Wuggle Pets are adorable, customizable stuffed animals that let children create their own furry friends. With a wide range of creatures to choose from, these lovable companions come with a set of colorful “skins” and a special stuffing tool to bring them to life. Each Wuggle Pet is a unique creation, ready to be cuddled and cherished by its new owner.

Wuggle Pets Review

My kiddos are no strangers to stuffed animals. Adding to the fun plush provide, Wuggle Pets has created a way for the cuddly animals to come to life and be entertaining.

Wuggle Pets engages creativity by allowing children to make the pets themselves. From there the options seem almost endless with twelve personality charms per pet and clips to clip to clothing or backpacks. It’s a win-win when it comes to playtime.

The kiddos with the contents of the Wuggle Pets Starter Kit

The kiddos with the contents of the Wuggle Pets Starter Kit

Each Wuggle Pet starter kit comes with:

  • 2 animals (cuddly puppy and magical unicorn)
  • stuffing
  • stuffing factory machine
  • 12 charms for each pet
  • 2 bags of magic dust
  • 2 blank birth certificates
  • 2 clips
  • zipper tool

I love the idea behind Wuggle Pets. My kiddos went bonkers over the process, stuff, apply magic dust, add a personality charm, name it and love it!

In addition to the starter kit, Wuggle Pets also comes in a party kit which includes eight different pets plus stuffing, charms, birth certificates–everything for party guests to make their own pet!

The quality of the fabric was impressive. It’s all durable and soft to the touch!

Wuggle Pets offers a voice recording box so kiddos can record their own voice and add it to their pet for a personal touch. Voice recording boxes are available for separate purchase.

Adding the fluff and magic dust to the stuffing machine wuggle pet review

Adding the fluff and magic dust to the stuffing machine

My kiddos took great care as they stuffed their pet to help it come to life. One child chose a little bit of magic dust, while the other felt his pet was “tired” and needed more magic dust! This is part of why I love Wuggle Pets, they allow the child’s imagination to control the process. They engage the senses for a child to create and make this pet their very own.

Adding the fluff to the Wuggle Pet

Adding the fluff to the Wuggle Pet

My kids were so excited that they got to control the amount of fluff and the factory stuffing crank.

Cuddly Puppy with his personality tags

Cuddly Puppy with his personality tags

From the magic dust, we moved on to the personality charm. There’s a selection and the child can use the tag to capture the personality of their pet.

Filling out the Magical Unicorn's Birth Certificate

Filling out the Magical Unicorn’s Birth Certificate

The final step, name the pet. Add the name to the birth certificate so it’s official and Wuggle Pets and Child are ready to live together!

Cuddly Puppy "Cuddles" and his Birth Certificate

Cuddly Puppy “Cuddles” and his Birth Certificate

Wuggle Pets were a big hit at our house. My children can’t wait to make more! Thankfully,  for only $7.99 for each individual kit and $19.99 for the entire Starter Kit, this activity-toy will keep your child captivated for hours and will help them to develop hand-eye coordination skills. Wuggle Pets are available online at (I found one on Amazon)

*We received a Wuggle Pets Starter Kit in order to facilitate our review. The opinions, where expressed are our own and were in no way influenced by the sponsor. Others experience may vary.

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