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Nat’l Geo Kids Almanac 2018 Review

National Geographic Kids Almanac 2018 is part of the National Geographic Kids Almanac series, which is an annual publication geared towards children. The almanac is published by National Geographic and is designed to be an engaging and informative resource for kids to explore the world around them.

Here are some key features you might find in the Nat’l Geo Kids Almanac 2018:

  1. Fun Facts: The almanac is packed with interesting and fun facts about animals, science, nature, history, and various other topics to spark children’s curiosity.
  2. Stunning Photography: National Geographic is known for its breathtaking photography, and the kids’ almanac includes colorful and captivating images that enhance the reading experience.
  3. Educational Content: The almanac covers a wide range of educational topics, making it a valuable learning tool for young readers. It might include sections on geography, space, environmental issues, and more.
  4. Games and Puzzles: To keep kids engaged, the almanac often includes interactive puzzles, quizzes, and games that challenge and entertain young minds.
  5. Exploration and Adventure: National Geographic is all about exploration and adventure, and the almanac encourages children to discover the wonders of the world, both near and far.
  6. Animal Features: Expect sections dedicated to animals, showcasing unique species and their habitats.
  7. Earth and Environment: There might be sections focused on the planet, its ecosystems, and environmental conservation efforts.

Please note that as the publication is specific to the year 2018, its content might not be up to date. If you are interested in more current information or subsequent editions of the National Geographic Kids Almanac, I recommend checking with reliable book retailers or the National Geographic website for the latest editions.

Our Nat’l Geo Kids Almanac 2018 Review

That final school bell has sounded, and it’s time to hit summer full-speed.

Did you know that two months of reading skills are lost over the summer? It’s referred to as “summer slide,” and it can take up to two months from the first day of school for a student’s brain development to get back on track.

“Brain Drain” is very real and has lasting repercussions that can impact a student’s long-term academic performance.

One of the most effective, easiest and affordable ways to ensure students are on track academically come September is to make sure kids have access to books throughout the summer.

Whether it’s making library visits a part of the summer schedule, starting a neighborhood book swap or incorporating a trip to the local bookstore as part of an outing to the ice cream shop, there are lots of ways to get kids hooked on reading this summer.

national geographic almanac animal roundup

As the best-selling kids’ almanac on the planet, the National Geographic Kids Almanac has helped millions of kids beat the summer slide. The key to getting a child to pick up a book is to find one that interests them, and the Almanac 2018 has something for EVERYONE.

national geographic almanac explorers

Featuring over 350 pages and 500 amazing photographs, a shark-themed Almanac Newsmaker Challenge and packed with 10 sections of high-interest topics ranging from:

  • Animal life
  • Sports
  • Things to do
  • Places to see
  • Ways to change the world

The Nat Geo Kids Almanac 2018 (ages 8-12, $14.99) is the perfect way to take a big bite out of the summer slide.

national geographic almanac save our sharks

For parents searching for a great read for their kids that are perfect for the back seat, camp, vacation, or down time at home, the National Geographic Kids Almanac 2018 is by far the best catch of the summer.

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