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6 Easy Ways to Remove Your Old Mattress

You’re planning on moving out, changing your bed, or you’re not feeling comfortable enough with your old mattress, and you need to get rid of it? If you’re looking for mattress removal, I recommend doing a quick search of your city’s sanitation laws and how they expect you to leave mattresses outside of your home.

Along with electronics, mattresses are one of the most challenging consumer products to get rid of responsibly, which is why they frequently end up getting illegally dumped in alleyways.

Trying to get rid of a mattress is not easy and letting it rot away isn’t exactly eco-friendly. Beds are made of wood, steel, cotton, and polyurethane foam; of all that, only foam is easily recyclable.

Well, we are quickly coming up with some solutions for you.

Sell or Give Away the Mattress

If you’re looking to throw away a nearly new mattress, but are not replacing it with a new one, consider selling it low priced or offering it for free on someone who might need it more than you.

Return the Mattress to the Manufacturer

Many manufacturers are taking on the task of mattress recycling themselves if you’re purchasing a new one to replace the one that you want to dispose of, ask the retailer if you can take your old one and return it to the manufacturer.

Donate Your Used Mattress to Charity

There are tons of locations that will take in mattresses in good shape, so don’t throw one away that still has some life in it.

Habitat for Humanity, churches, and homeless shelters can be good places to check if any will be able to put the mattress to use once you’ve secured a place that will take your old mattress, make sure to bring your mattress to its new home.

Discarded mattress leaning against brown cinder block wall in urban alley.

Find a Particular Recycling Program to Get Rid of a Mattress

If you cannot donate or sell your mattress, check with different options to see how to get rid of it responsibly. Several municipalities offer recycling programs themselves or can point you toward a local recycler.

Break the Mattress Down Yourself

Getting rid of a mattress can be time-consuming, but you can easily break a mattress down yourself if you have the time, space, and tools. You can break down your mattress to make disposing of it more manageable, though you may still be subject to any associated disposal fees. Breaking down the mattress may reduce the amount of space it takes up in your dumpster rental or junk removal truck.

How to do it?

Just cut around the perimeter of the fabric covering and peel the cloth and foam away from the box springs. You can roll these materials into a compact bundle and put them in your regular trash can. Then, take a saw and cut up the frame, which you can burn or turn into wood chips. Take the materials to a recycling center or sell them for scrap.

Hire a mattress removal company

Mattress removal service is another practical option. The company will come to your location and remove your old mattress and other parts of your bed. You may not need to wrap or break down your mattress for removal because experts will do the heavy lifting. This will save you much time and effort, and probably this is the easiest and efficient way.


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