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Water Damage: How to Choose an Excellent Restoration Professional

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Are you experiencing mold growth, rottenness, and warping of some parts of your home? Odds are, you’re dealing with a water damage problem.

And you’re not alone. Statistics indicate that well over 14,000 American homes experience water damage emergencies daily.

Is it any wonder that water damage is the second most-frequent insurance claim?

Aside from costs, water damage can result in property damage and health risks for your family.

Thus, sorting out any potential water damage problem is a no-brainer.

DIY is great, but hiring water damage restoration professionals is a must if you want excellent work.

Here are a few things to consider in hiring a restoration professional.


Training and Licensing

A professional should have registration and a license to boot.

Licensing bodies have strict guidelines and qualifications that professionals must meet before being given the go-ahead to operate.

Therefore, make sure that the company or contractor you’re settling on has the requisite training and license to operate.

Often, you can find these details on the company’s website or at their office premises.

If you have any doubts, call the professional directly and find out if they are duly licensed to do the job.

Just as you wouldn’t want an unlicensed doctor attending to you, you shouldn’t leave your home to the whims and caprices of a phony.

man sitting on couch as living room floods, calling a water damage restoration professional


Unless necessary, don’t go for a water damage professional that operates far away from your location.

In your city or county, there are experienced water restoration professionals who can do a good job.

If you experience a Port St Lucie water damage, settle on a water restoration professional based in that area.

The cost of professionals within your locality is likely to be much less compared to professionals who have to come from distant places.

Additionally, local experts are likely to be familiar with the standard home problems in the area, and they’ll know exactly how to fix such issues.

Experience and Track Record

Perhaps the most critical question you can ask a water damage restoration professional is: have you done this before?

Because a novice may use your home for experiment and end up destroying it.

Find out what types of problems they’ve solved before and whether they are up to the task.

You can do this in several ways. Firstly, check out their ratings and reviews online.

Read their case studies and take a hard look at how they helped their previous clients.

That will give you an idea of what to expect.


If the price is outrageously high, you’re probably being duped.

If it’s unreasonably low, you may not get value for money.

Whatever the case, interrogate the pricing given to you by the water damage restoration service you’re considering.

A good company would provide a clear contract that spells out their work, timelines, and prices.

If they work with your insurer, then that’s excellent news. 

woman looking at wall after water damage

Customer Service

What kind of support services do they offer?

How do they respond when you have a complaint or challenge?

Do they provide a 24-hour customer response?

Customer service should be high on your priorities in settling on a water damage restoration professional.

You may find a company with a valid license and reasonable pricing, but if their customer service is not up to scratch, you may regret hiring them.

Choosing a water damage restoration professional is not rocket science.

In this post, we’ve shared some of the factors you need to consider before settling on one.

If you find an excellent professional, you will save your home from destruction while keeping your family safe.

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