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Keep Valentine’s Day Gifts Full of Heart with Nalgene

I’m working on better habits for myself in 2015. I’ve almost kicked soda to the curb. I’m staying hydrated with my trusted water bottle. I’ve admitted to playing favorites with my drinking vessels, but I’ll admit, there is one coffee cup I absolutely will pick out of the cabinet all the others. I want my water bottle to have flair and personality.

I’m dropping the hint this Valentine’s Day that there’s a more fun or a better way to say “I love you,” “I value our friendship,” or “Keep up the healthy choices!”. You’ll soon agree, Nalgene’s adorable heart bottle is the perfect daily reminder of how much you appreciate a friend, child, co-worker or exercise buddy! It might even motivate them to keep chugging their water.


Nalgene heart water bottle

Photo courtesy of Nalgene

Sometimes it’s the simplest of gifts that bring the greatest delight!  And for those who might want to spice it up?  Consider fun twists on gift wrap like filling the bottle with sweet treats and stickers for kids, jewelry for romantic interests, or inspirational quotes for workout friends or colleagues!

Why Nalgene and not some newfangled bottle?  Nalgene Makes Water Bottles for REAL LIFE

Life and its many adventures can get complicated, so Nalgene designs its bottles and containers to be simple, safe and hassle-free to maintain.  All Nalgene bottles are:

  • 100 percent leak-proof for hydration without inconvenient spills
  • Easy-to-use caps so consumers of all ages enjoy the adventure without interruption
  • Incredibly durable against even the harshest of elements (and by that we mean the school cafeteria, gym or commuter bag!)
  • Effortless-to-clean (just toss in the dishwasher!) and convenient-to-store (aka – no small parts to misplace or fall out of the cabinet for you!)
  • Made in the USA
  • Environmentally friendly, BPA/BPS Free, and recyclable
  • Lifetime guarantee (in the unlikely event a bottle leaks or breaks, Nalgene replaces it!)

You can find the Nalgene Heart Bottle here ($10.99).  Nalgene bottles are available for purchase at retailers like Target and online at where customizable bottles are also available.


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