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How to Stay Hydrated During Winter Season

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Keeping your body hydrated in winters is as important and indispensable as in summers. From wearing layers to consuming sufficient liters of water, there are some extra miles one needs to go to look fresh. Starting from the immune system to the sensitive cells and tissues, every bit of your body needs to be well-hydrated in winters. Bearing a dehydrated body in winters can be your worst nightmare.

How to Stay Hydrated During Winter Season

But the winter season doesn’t always mean poor health and dead skin. Here are some simple tips that will help you stay hydrated during winter season:

1. Consume High Water Content Foods

These do not just include vegetables and fruits but also foods like chicken, fish, Jello, yogurt, soup, stew, and broth which makes it so easy to consume water. Take a handful of berries and throw them in Jello and you have a water-enriched and delicious dessert ready to eat. Toss a grilled breast of chicken in healthy greens such as lettuce, kale, spinach and cucumbers and you have a wholesome salad ready to eat. Could it BE any easier? (channels inner Chandler)

2. Use Hydration Apps

For us, especially for the smartphone generation that we have become, staying hydrated should not even be a concern with all these apps on the market which remind you to stay hydrated and make sure that your skin is supple and glowing even through the winter season. For example, Water Drink Reminder and Gulp are some of the top-rated apps on the Android Store. Check them out, maybe?

3. Spruce up Your Water

Bored with the simple water? Add slices of lemon and berries in it and leave it overnight for some healthier water. Throw in cucumbers and mint and you have an excellent weight loss detox. Throw in some lemons and cinnamon and you have the best acne solution on your hands. The possibilities are endless, and delicious too!

4. Have a Bunch of Sorbets/Frozen Yogurt

Sorbets are essentially just frozen juice, but better. Make yourself a sorbet by freezing some pulpy juice and then churning it in the food processor and voila! You have yourself a yummy variant of water. As for frozen yogurt, who doesn’t love a Fro-Yo trip?

Pick up your buddies, load up in a car, and go to the nearest Fro-Yo store. Get into a competition of who can load up their cup the most and then eat it entirely and if nothing else, at least it keeps you hydrated. Try that, maybe? I know, I know, its winter and not all of us like to have such cold stuff in the winter, but trust me, it’s worth the added layer of clothing.

5. Cut Down on Caffeinated Drinks

Although still disputed upon, many nutritionists claim that coffee and tea, both of which caffeinated drinks, dry up the hydration in your body. So you have a choice: Either give up your coffee and tea (which, for some, is like asking for their lives) or keep a balance between that and how much water you have.

6. Drink Water Before Every Meal

Not only will this help you eat lesser, and therefore, keep you from that ugly post eating bloat, but is also a great tip to boost metabolism. Having been doing this for so many years, I can safely tell you that this is perhaps the easiest way to stay in shape. If nothing else, maybe that can motivate me.

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